Singin’ in the Rain

Another beautiful rainy day here in East Tennessee!

We just couldn’t resist.  We had to go outside and play.

I hear so much about getting stuck inside with cabin fever on rainy days, but since there was no lightning or thunder and we really had nothing better to do, we suited up and went outside.

Nevermind that the only place to play is the parking lot of our apartment complex… that had just been sealed.

Nevermind that the water smelled faintly of oil.

Ignore the mud and dead leaves and the occasional cigarette butt.

Forget that with all the splashing and plopping into puddles, it didn’t matter that she was wearing a raincoat and boots.

I think the Pickle could have stayed out there all day.

The point is, playing in the rain is good for little girls.  It’s good for big girls, too.

And it’s the best when we do it together… followed by Summer Chili and Fritos!


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