Popcorn and Playdough: Part II

Did I mention we don’t have a microwave?


It has nothing to do with being green (because unlike our last name implies, we are not really very green and we’re ok with that).  It has nothing to do with money (because our parents- both sets -have offered to buy us one and we’ve refused every time).  It has a little to do with space (because we have a TINY kitchen and I’d rather have counter space).  It has EVERYthing to do with our year in Thailand.  Where we discoverd that we



need it.

They are one of these modern conveniences.  Grandma had one, of course.  A big dinosaur one that, surprisingly, is still in working condition!  But we learned that we could definitely live without it.  We’ve learned to warm stuff up on the stove or in the oven.  We think that tastes better, anyways!  We’ve learned that the majority of frozen entrees (if absolutely necessary) have oven instructions.  But most of all and most importantly, we’ve agreed that making popcorn on the stove is a much MUCH tastier alternative.

If you have never made popcorn on the stove, then you need to throw out those bags of stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth-fake-butter microwave stuff and purchase a 99 cent bag of real popcorn kernels.  And I know that you are out there.  If I grew up in a microwave popcorn generation then some of you DEFINITELY did!  In fact, I’ll bet a great number of you don’t even know how long to cook popcorn for in the microwave, do you?  Because you have a “popcorn” button!?  Admit it!

And it burns or leaves tons of unpopped kernels every time, doesn’t it?  Well, burn no more. 

Go grab your kids or your grandpa or your cat and make some HOMESTYLE POPCORN, please!

1.  Pour some oil in the bottom of a medium saucepan on med/high heat.  Maybe a tablespoon or two.  We use coconut oil!  YUM! 

2.  Pour in 1/4 – 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels. I’d say that serves about two (or one popcorn lover like me)  Shake them around in the oil to coat.  Put the lid on.  (if you need more, use a bigger pan!)

***Leave the lid on the entire time!  MUST STAY ON to keep the heat in all around the kernels to make them POP!

3. Standby.  Shaking the pot occasionally to keep the kernels from burning on one side.  After a few minutes, if you have a clear glass lid, you can see them start popping!

4. While it pops, which takes about a minute or two for them all to pop, shake the pot continually.  Again, this keeps the bottoms from sticking or burning.  Shake, shake, shake until you hear that the pops are getting fewer and farther between.  Keep shaking or the popped guys on bottom will burn!

NOTE: 1/4 cup of kernels will fill a medium saucepan perfectly.  1/3 cup will start to overflow it.  If that’s the case, remove from heat and raise the lid slowly while the last kernels pop and start pushing up and over the side.  It might get messy, but it’s fun. (:

Transfer to a BIG bowl and season as desired! 

We’re traditional salt and butter people.  While it’s popping, we have a small pan of butter melting on another burner.  In Thailand I would throw the butter in the empty pot while it was still hot and swish it around until it melted.  MMm!

In college I’d take popcorn seasoned with parmesan cheese to class.  Yummy!  And in Taiwan I had chili seasoned popcorn.  I’m sure there are a billion other creative toppings out there.

Now, go get popping!


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