I Am Woman.

Maybe you’ve done this.

My husband and I are ready for a change.  We’ve grown out of our two bedroom townhome, we’re looking for something a little bigger.  Maybe a third bedroom.  Maybe a fireplace and some car coverage.  Maybe a yard.  “Might I have a bit of earth?” (you get ten points if you can tell me where that quote is from)

Well, we found it.  All of those things.  Our dream rental.  Ok, that’s a little much, but it’s a cute little house in a great neighborhood.  A little more than what we’re paying now, but believe me.  It’s worth it.  We’d only be 5 minutes from Target… and Starbucks.

Worth.  Every.  Penny.

Maybe you’ve done this.

I saw the house yesterday.  Took pictures.  Got an application.  We talked about it.  Agreed that if God opened the doors, we’d move in.


And can I be honest?  Remember.  We hadn’t even filled out the application.  My husband hadn’t even seen the house yet.

I promise you, THIS is what I was doing on Pinterest last night.



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