Mother’s Day… from Toddlers.


I’m not a huge fan of Mother’s Day.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I know firsthand that being a mom is no small thing.  I’m a pretty big deal… to at least one little person.

But Mother’s Day?  I think at this point I could take it or leave it.  Ask me again in 12 years.

Maybe it’s because my kid is two and her idea of doing something wonderful is dumping her water out all over the table and “cleaning it up” with her hands.  Or because a “special day” right now is getting to be away from my child and pretending I’m NOT a mom.

I adore being (and having) a mother.  But can I be brutally honest?

I’d rather have (or give) a little appreciation every day than have (show) no appreciation all year followed suddenly by, “Oh yeah… it’s Mother’s Day.  Quick!  Let’s grab some flowers, slap a handprint on a card and tell her how much we appreciate her!” 


Why all the negativity?  Well…

I had kind of a rough day at school (I teach two year olds twice a week) and it all revolved around this idea that Mother’s Day had to be something bigger and more special and more memorable than normal days.  Therefore I had to DO something bigger, more special and more memorable with my students.

Nevermind that my students are two and they don’t care..  To them, every day is Mother’s Day.  This is the day mother changes my diaper.  This is the day mother makes me breakfast and lunch and dinner and snack.  This is the day mother reads to me and gives me a bath and turns on my favorite show.  This is the day mother takes me to the park.  The day she let’s me walk through the mall.  This is the day my mother is my world.

Every day is Mother’s Day.

But no.  For reasons out of my control, in a frenzy, I had to throw together some last minute craft that was supposed to be sweet enough to warm their hearts, sturdy enough that it would last forever, child-led enough that it was something actually unique, but beautiful enough that it would appropriately honor the moms who give their lives daily for their children.

Talk about pressure!

And at the end of this exhausting day I caught myself thinking, these women don’t want a dumb craft. Or another lame poem or quote.  Or ANOTHER handprint.

They want an evening without tantrums.

They want time to go to the bathroom without being interrupted.

They want their kids to eat what is put in front of them.

They want an afternoon nap.

They want their kids to clean up after themselves.

They want big, arms around the neck hugs and for their kids to sit STILL on their laps for more than 20 seconds.

Mother’s Day is a nice concept, but really it doesn’t do justice to the women who bear the children or to the children who adore their mothers with every fiber of their being… because that’s all they know to do!

I’m sorry, moms, but next year I’m not making you a lame craft.  I’m not gonna get frenzied over making a keepsake-worthy gift.  And I’m definitely not going to waste my time throwing together something that may or may not get thrown in the trash at the expense of not spending time with your child- reading to them, teaching them, helping them grow.

No.  Next year, I’m buying you a Starbucks gift card, taking your kid for the day, and telling you to go to the bathroom… alone.

You deserve it.

Happy Every Day, Mom.


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