It’s Mother’s Day.  I told you the other day that I didn’t like Mother’s Day… but that does NOT mean that I don’t like moms.

I actually owe them my life!

So to do an appropriate mom’s day post, I’ve decided that I’m going to share the wisdom that I have gleaned (gleaned…. not necessarily used) off of some of my favorite moms.  If you’re not on this list, don’t be offended.

I’m watching you, too!  I just actually want people to be able to read this before Mother’s Day is over.  And if I listed you all, well…

Here is just the tip of the iceburg.

Some very special women and some very special lessons I have learned am learning from them- either through living with them, watching them, or looking up to them.  Perhaps you can relate or have some special moms of your own!


Left: Grandma Katie. Right: Grandma Ray. Unfortunately that thing in the middle is not me. It’s my big brother. Cute, right?

Grandma Ray: The Power of Simplicity

We’ll start with my muse.  Her simple life.  Her sweet faith.  Her unwavering contentment with life.  Her gentle, quiet spirit.  She was such a simple and happy person, yet she influenced and taught many.  There was no fanfare or drama with her, yet everyone adored her.  As did I.  She is teaching me to love the simple, undistracted life.

Grandma Katie: The Power of Music

I’ve heard rumors that my precious Grandma Katie is now singing her great-granddaughters to sleep whenever she gets the chance.  No surprise here!  I see her smiling face and her perfect “O” singing out during the Easter Cantata.  Her piano bench full of old hymnals and yellowed sheet music.  The quiet (or sometimes loud) background music played at every holiday dinner.  The Psalms and songs displayed all over her house.  And I remember singing in the car all the way to Nebraska to visit my Aunt!  She is teaching me that our soul has a song to sing, and we are to sing it joyfully unto the Lord.

Laura (My Taiwan Sister & Mentor): The Power of Each Moment

I was neither married nor a mom when she came into my life.  But when I entered hers, she had just become Mommy for the second time.  For four years I had the privilege of being welcomed into this warm home where I had a front row seat to missionary mothering.  For her, each moment was a chance to share God’s story or His glory with the people around her- and her children were always right there.  Whether she was refinishing a cabinet or visiting with the women in the market.  Driving down the street or reaching out to her neighbors. Every moment- seen or unseen- was an opportunity to disciple the little lives that stood beside her.  She is teaching me to live every moment for the glory of God.

Adra: The Power of Sacrifice

An athlete.  A mom.  And a military wife.  I had the honor of babysitting this beautiful woman’s baby girl.  Her husband was deployed while the baby was still very small, yet she still managed to be a dedicated athlete, a faithful, loving wife, a strong leader & friend, and above all, a wonderful mother.  She faced many challenges.  She made great sacrifices.  But in the end, when I saw the way that her husband looked at her in that bright, star-studded hangar, I knew I was in the presence of an exceptional mom- and an exceptional woman.  She is teaching me to faithfully sacrifice for my family.

My Mother in Law: The Power of Presence

From Sunday dinners to family reunions, my mother in law loves having her family around her.  When we lived with them during our first year of marriage, I always worried that we weren’t downstairs enough.  But my husband always insisted, “She just loves knowing that we’re here!”  And over the years, I’ve learned that it’s true.  She serves.  She shops.  She babysits.  She blesses.  And she is a wonderful mother.  And grandma.  And sister.  And wife.  She demands nothing, yet in the hustle and bustle of a huge holiday meal or a big week at the beach, I like to imagine that she steps back, looks around the room, and lets her heart overflow with the presence of the people she loves the most.  She is teaching me to cherish the very presence of my family rather than just the activities or responsibilities.

And finally, my own Happy Every Day…Mom and Me

My Mom: The Power of Serving

My mom loves to bless people.  Now, we all know this is a double-edged sword.  On one side, it is a beautiful gift that many women share.  On the other side, it can drive us crazy if we let it.  My mom teeters on the edge at times, as we all do, but I hope that even when she’s stressed or behind, she can see the enormous blessing that she is to others in everything she puts her hand to!  I grew up serving beside her at church, making cinnamon rolls to give out at Christmas, waking up on holiday mornings to breakfast and gifts, visiting people in the hospital, having her at every event… you name it.  She loves, she serves, she decorates, she cooks, she cleans, she visits, she cares.  She is there.  She is teaching me to joyfully put others first… the same way she always put us before herself.

Thank you, mom.


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