While I Was Out: The Easter Dress

Easter Dress 1

There was a time not long ago when I hated Chevrons with a passion. Truly. I thought they were an ugly fad that would pass (hopefully quickly). Personally, I like polka dots. And I’d like to know why they call them polka dots.

But somewhere between a craft fair and stumbling upon Hobby Lobby’s remnant bin full of nice, warm chevrons, I became a fan.

I don’t have chevron everything. I’m not crazy. But I do like the look on children.
And coffee cozies.
And cell phone covers.
And hot pink chevron poufs.
And on my child.

So when I saw this sweetness online, I knew I had to create my own version of it for the Pickle.

I had the gray chevron material… a random remnant bin buy, I believe.  And the pink I had picked up from this great store in January.  Also on sale, I’m pretty sure.  These were lying around screaming to be used… together.

The only thing that cost me was the sweater I bought at a thrift store to make the cardigan from this tutorial.  The sweater was $1. The ribbon on the cardi was $2 at Walmart.  The big gray button was from my Grandma’s button jar.  Ode to Grandma!

If I were to do it all over again, I would actually measure Sweet P.  But it worked.  Same with the cardi.  I did it while she was asleep.  If I had known exactly how wonky it would be, I would have done it a completely different way.  But it worked perfectly for that rainy Easter Sunday.

Easter Dress 3Easter Dress 2

And in the end we had a beautiful Easter… with our beautiful little girl.  (Love her pink All-stars peeking out!)

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