While I Was Out: The Lion Towel

Lion Girl

We returned from Thailand when I was 7 months pregnant with the little Pickle.  It was wonderful!  I had never gotten so much attention in an airport.  Except for the few times that I, as a single woman traveling one-way to Asia, was flagged, searched, and patted down.  As a pregnant woman, I felt like royalty!  Ushered to the front of the line.  Invited to get on the plane first.  My husband ate it up!  It came in the most handy when we had to transfer 9 bags from the international terminal to the domestic.  Had I not been pregnant, it’s likely we would have tried to do that ourselves… maybe.

Upon arriving home, the absolute first thing on the agenda was a huge baby shower at my home church, where we received a ton of wonderful, sweet gifts to bless our coming baby girl.  One of which, was a homemade hooded towel.  The woman who gifted it to us explained that she thought the hooded towels in the store were too thin and small.  This baby needed a thick, full-size towel to cuddle up in after baths!  And cuddle she did.

Which is why as she grew out of most of her smaller, hooded towels, I purposed to make her a new one- suited to her big age of two!  She loves lions.  Unfortunately, most lion stuff out there is for boys.  But not this towel!

I thought it turned out super cute, and P is always willing, if not eager, to get out of the bath tub when she is going to get to use her Lion Towel.

Lion Towel

I used a full-size yellow towel for the body. A matching yellow hand towel for the head. It took one pink hand towel for the mane and nose, and a white wash cloth for the eyes. I used a zigzag stitch on everything so it wouldn’t come completely apart on me. And really, I just had to play with all the pieces until they looked just right. What other animals could you DIY?

It’s not perfect, by any means, but it’s perfect for our Little Lion Girl!


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