Deep Calls to Deep


I’m beyond inspired.

Coming to the beach with my family evokes millions and millions of feelings.  Joy, pain, beauty, thankfulness, exhaustion, surprise, longing.  It all comes full circle when I stand in the surf and wiggle my toes into the ever-changing sand beneath me.

JOY at the sheer thrill of being on vacation.

PAIN at the thought of the many sunburns I have experienced in the name of “fun in the [blazing, burning] sun.”

BEAUTY at the incredible explosion on my senses that comes with being at such an incredible place.

THANKFULNESS for the memories I’ve lived, the family I’m enjoying and the memories with family yet to come.

EXHAUSTION at just the thought of chasing my kid around the pool one more time.

SURPRISE at how the Pickle learned to climb out of her pack n play this week.

LONGING… for this week to last forever.  Longing for my childhood.  Longing to relive those memories on beaches around the world- each one unique and life-changing.  Longing to pack up that vast, rolling, swell of gray-blue and tuck it away in my soul.



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