You know… when you’re on Pinterest.  And you’re hungry.  And suddenly all the recipes with noodles, cheese or potatoes are jumping out at you?  Yeah…

That happens to me ALL the time.


I love Pinterest.  I call it my filing box of ideas.  Not that I don’t have great ideas on my own, but this sure does help get the creativity flowing.  Whether it’s in the kitchen, in the sewing room, in toddlerdom.

My husband always wonders why I like Pinterest so much and why I can sit at my computer forever and just browse.  Oh, and did I mention that he ruthlessly makes fun of me about it?

Well, you can imagine my delight the other day when he wanted to see a recipe I was thinking of making.  So I invited him over to cuddle up in my chair with me. (Actually, he invited himself)  He approved of the recipe, for the most part, and then I made a subtle move back to my ‘Fud’ board.

I would point things out here and there.  He would spot something that looked good.  I’d scroll a little more… and pause…. then a little more… and pause.

After a while he said, “Sorry… I really want to get up, but I keep seeing things…”  As his words trailed off, he shook his head shamefully.  His face said it all.  FINALLY he understood!

I literally Laughed Out Loud.

Are you Pinterested?  Let me tell you… we are not the only ones.

I’m proud to say that THIS was my Grandparents’ Pinterest Board.

Pinterest Board

It’s one of the things I loved about their house.  Even when my grandma was in the nursing home, these newspaper clippings and recipe notes remained taped to the inside of her cupboard.  Something new to try.  A trusted recipe.  Tips on making homemade wine (my Grandpa’s hobby at one point).

I don’t know what sort of things my grandma tried out on us.  To me, everything she made was good (except for the fruited Jell-O) and if I could go back again and stand beside her every time she cooked a meal, I would.

The thing is, she was a woman.  A wife.  A mother.  A Grandma.  And all her life she was looking for new ideas and trying new things.

Just like us.

I love trying new things.  I love finding new ideas, ‘taping’ them up on my cup’board’ and coming back to them one day when I need to shake up dinner or when I have the perfect piece of fabric but don’t know what to do with it.

Thankfully, I document some of these attempts.  Sometimes they succeed.  Sometimes they fail.  Either way, I’m excited to share them with you as we journey along.

It will be called “Tried and Tuesdays.”  And if I can actually keep a schedule, it will be posted every… Tuesday.  I’m inviting you to cuddle up in my chair and browse my Pinterest boards.  I am welcoming you into my kitchen, and into my sewing room, and into my toddler world and we’re going to try new things together.

Just like people always have… even before cell phones and computers and social media.

Just like Grandma.

Just like Yesterday.


Are you Pinterested?



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