couponsIt was pouring down rain. My two year old was starving and tired. And I was not prepared for a grocery shopping trip today.

So, no. I didn’t fish my phone out of my purse, already cluttered with snacks, drinks, diapers, and a wad of coupons I hastily threw in there before I left the house, to open up the dumb Shopkick app when I walked in the door so I could get 50 kicks. (whatever the heck those are) And no… I probably won’t be going back to Target again this week before my 50kicks deadline is up. That’s why I did my grocery shopping TODAY.

I am so sick of all the gimmicks and emails and flyers and coupons and one day “hurry buy it now or your life will never be fulfilling” deals. I have enough to keep track of.  I don’t want to worry about having the coupons and ecoupons and weekly ads and discount days straight in my head.  And I definitely don’t want to come home and feel guilty because I didn’t have the time or the hands to open my shopkick app and sift through my coupon folder and load the ecoupons to my card and…  I just want to go to the store and buy a jar of peanut butter before my toddler has a complete meltdown.

I miss the days when you knew how much things cost and you knew exactly what you needed and the hardest part about going to the grocery store was picking a flavor of gum.

When did it get so complicated?



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