Tried and Tuesday: Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I have an EXTENSIVE food board on Pinterest.  Like, pretty much anything edible that looks good goes on that board.  I save the healthy stuff for the exercise board and alcoholic stuff for the tipsy board.  Everything else goes under “fud”… because that’s exactly how I sound when I say it, usually.  Like a zombie.  Arms out.  Mouth drooling.  Eyes glazed.  Fuuuuud! (it’s actually from that old comic where the dog set a trap and wrote the sign that said “cat fud”  It was always one of my favorites, so… anyways.)

On my Fud board I have had this post for Baked Cheddar-Broccoli Rice Cups for a VERY long time.  Finally got around to trying it.

Straight from the site

This photo (above) is the picture from the actual website.  I went there.  Read it.

Read it again.

Then went in my kitchen and acted out an episode of Chopped.

You’ll find that most of my recipes or pinterest tries or whatever end up this way.  I’m too cheap and lazy to go to the store and buy all the extra ingredients I need to make something exactly right.  Instead, I’m constantly browsing my cupboards for substitutions.

For example, I’ve never bought heavy cream in my life.  I use milk.  Or yogurt.  I’m certain that things don’t taste the same without heavy cream, but I’m not gonna drive all the way to the store with a toddler just to use a half a cup of it, decide that it is in fact better with heavy cream, then let the cream sour in the fridge because I don’t use it again, then feel guilty that I wasted the money on heavy cream when I could have just used milk.

Or yogurt.

You follow?

So that up there is her picture.  These down here are mine.

I’ve decided I like the individual cup thing.  Makes portions easy.  Makes cooking time faster.  It’s cute… but clean up is a pain. FYI.

Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole Cups casserole cups

So how was it, you ask?

Well… In MY opinion I felt like it needed a little something more.  Not sure what.  Maybe heavy cream?  I loaded it with herbs from our herb garden and lotsa garlic (we love garlic).  I added onions.  In place of the ranch dressing (which we don’t have, mind you) I sprinkled some ranch dressing powder from a packet I found in the cupboard and used yogurt instead.  I guess it was ok.

My family, on the other hand?

My husband ate four.  And the Pickle ate an entire serving herself… eagerly.   Like, she asked for more.  She never asks for more at suppertime.

So I guess you could say it was a success and we will for sure be having this again.


Oh, and we had leftovers.  I’m the only one in our family who eats leftovers…

I’m anxious to see if that little something they needed was a nap in the fridge.

Try it!

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