Working Mom


I’m a pretty relaxed person.  I don’t have a strict schedule.  I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  So the more planning I can do to make my life easier, the better.  Unfortunately, as a stay at home mom who only works two days a week, it gets easy to slip into late nights and later mornings.  It’s easy to watch PBS and read books and forget to do my husband’s laundry.  It’s easy to let the dishes pile up and pile up until they are a burden to wash.  “With no schedule, the people get lazy.”  (that’s Biblical, I think)

But thanks to four work days this week (I’ve been subbing) I have been forced to take my weekends seriously and actually plan out my week ahead of time.  It’s been amazing and eye-opening.

You know how you read all these posts on Pinterest about making meals ahead of time or you read articles about saving time by cleaning a little each day.  Well, this week I’ve got to practice a lot of those things, and it’s been fun!

For example, I spent all last Sunday afternoon prepping the meals for the week, which I had written out on my handy weekly to-do planner.  That meant every night I didn’t have to stand in front of my cupboards wondering what we were going to eat.  That meant I didn’t have a cop-out night where I spent $10 on a pizza when I had plenty of food in my fridge.  It also meant I didn’t spend an hour or more every evening cutting, prepping, cooking, cleaning.  I spent maybe 20 minutes throwing everything together.  10 minutes (give or take) cleaning up.  And the rest of the evening with my family.  P & I even baked a full recipe of banana bread that we used for snacks and breakfasts throughout the week.

Awesome news?  There’s still one in my freezer for this week!

I did laundry on Wednesday (which is weird for me).

I sat down a wrote a few extra blogs so I’d be ready for the week ahead.

I only went to the grocery store once.

And this weekend when I got home from my successful Aldi trip and my feverish little girl fell asleep on her daddy’s chest (melt my heart!), I took the opportunity to think about the week ahead.  I made a batch of yummy strawberry applesauce for my girl.  Cut up a carton of strawberries.  And made vegetable stock with the bag of vegetable pieces I’d been collecting in my freezer.  To be used for this and this.

While I think I would burn out working full time at a job and then coming home to work full time as a mom, I am finally getting a taste of what you working mamas do every day.  I commend you for your effort.  Your focus.  Your sacrifices.  And your commitment.

I respect the work that it takes to make two lives function smoothly as one.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I plop down on the couch with my husband at night to watch baseball get on Pinterest.  I am amazed at how I’m thriving going to bed at a good time and waking up in time to walk (run), drink my coffee, put lunches together, and shower.

Even though my time as a “working mom” is going to be over at the end of the week, I’ve learned a lot from it.  And I hope to continue living my life a little more purposefully.  A little more planned out.  A little more Pinterested than I was before.

Because believe it or not, it works… and amazing women do it every day!


One thought on “Working Mom

  1. I have been a stay at home mom for just over a year and I have to agree it is a little too easy to let things go and get behind. I have really tried lately to do the same and try and get a schedule and I do have to say I am way less stressed and have much more time in my day to accomplish things!!

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