Tried and Tuesday: Felt Paper Dolls

IMG_1070Hey, if you have a ton of time on your hands, go ahead and do this project…

Anyone?  Anyone?

Charla AnneI spotted this on one of my favorite blogs ever.  Not sure why I love her blog so much.  Every picture reminds me how different my life is from hers.  How my girl has blond hair and fair skin while her adopted Korean daughter has dark hair and big brown eyes.  How her daughter wears red rain boots and vintage dresses. How not white and clean my house is.  The first night I stayed up until 3 reading every post, I went to bed feeling very discouraged and unqualified to be a mom or an artistic person or a wife or a human.

Her life looks “picture perfect.”

So then I woke up the next morning and decided to read some more.  Self-inflicted pain, I guess.  And you know what?  She’s a photographer.  And they own their home.  (What’s that matter?)  Trust me.  It matters.

When they bought their home (or built their home) she intentionally got a room that was all… you guessed it.  White.  With lots of windows.  And nothing in it but her props.  And her little girl.  And her vintage dresses.


So I breathed a sigh of relief and decided that she might possibly not be perfect either.  Which meant I could try one of her “picture perfect” projects and might actually succeed.

Aside from a few shortcuts, I think I did alright.

Above are her beautiful mini-dolls that she made for her little girl.  And this is the post where she got them out there in the first place.

As you can imagine, everyone wanted to make some, so for our benefit, she created a tutorial that can be purchased in her etsy shop!

I won’t say it’s easy.  And I won’t say it’s fast.  And if I did it all over again I would do several things different.  But it was so fun!  And it was exciting to see my Sweet P open them for Valentine’s Day (because I couldn’t wait until her birthday to give them to her).

It requires felt.  Some colorful thread.  Some sweet cotton fabric.  And a lot of time. (and LOVE!)  I started in October and finished in January.  I had fun using fabrics & colors that really fit my Sweet Pickle’s personality.  I don’t think I bought anything but felt for this.  I had all everything else… I just needed the perfect project to use it on!

In fact, P’s favorite dresses are the ones I made from leftovers of the material I had made her own dresses with!  Her Thanksgiving dress and her Christmas dress.  She loves holding up the smaller versions and saying, “mine!”  Someday I’ll get a picture of her in one of her dresses holding her little felt dolls!

So if you (or someone who loves you and wants to make you a set) are feeling crafty and can’t resist how beautiful this is, then get yourself some tutorials and get started!  You’re bound to be done by Christmas… and you will LOVE the results!



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