Tried and Tuesday: I Love Noodles

  20130608_175923There is a reason God sent me to Asia.

The biggest reason was because in parts of Asia, less than 1% of people know Jesus.  A similar percentage have never heard the Gospel, so they’ve never even had a chance to make a choice about following Christ.

A smaller, infinitely less important reason He sent me Asia is because He knew I loved noodles.  And if He could get me there and introduce me to their noodles, then He knew I’d stay and serve Him in any way He asked.

He kinda bribed me.

So now that I’m back in America, I’m trying desperately to not only live a witness in my community, but I’m also trying to feed my craving for noodles.

Pretty sure there will be noodles in heaven.  You should join me there.

Just the other night I made spaghetti.  It’s a cop out at my house.  How about yours?

If I don’t feel like cooking, I make spaghetti.  Because we always have noodles.  We always have a bag of ground beef in the freezer.  And I buy spaghetti sauce jars by the dozen when they’re on sale.

If a zombie apocalypse comes, you’re all invited to my house for spaghetti.

My grandma made amazing spaghetti.  So yummy.  I think that was my cousin’s favorite meal of hers… mmm.  I can taste it now.  And it even tasted amazing the second time around.  Or the third.  She always cut up the noodles into little two inch pieces and always had just the right amount of sauce.  I’m not sure why she made little noodles.  Maybe because we were kids?  Maybe because it made the portions bigger without spending more money?  Maybe because that’s just always how she did it?  Regardless, Grandma made a mean pot of spaghetti.

I miss my grandma’s spaghetti.

Now, I love spaghetti, but there are times where I’m looking to change it up a bit.  To have the noodles without all the sauce.  Or to have a different sauce.  Or a different style.  Or… just noodles.

One Pot WonderSo when I saw this Pin (left) and read this post for a “One Pot Wonder” full of noodles, I knew I had to try it.  (And I had all the ingredients… except basil.  Bonus!)

It was very simple.  But it was surprisingly very, very good.

I don’t always need meat.  I’m fine with just noodles.  And cheese.  But if you wanted meat, this would be great with chunks of browned or shredded chicken stirred in.

It was very easy.  And just as yummy as the girl claims.  The way that the noodles cook in the broth and it’s all tomatoey and creamy.  Very nice.

Mine was especially delicious, because just before I threw the pot together, I had finished making my own vegetable stock from a bag of vegetable bits I had been saving in my freezer.  If you’ve never done this, please start now.  Anytime you have vegetable pieces (ends of celery, leftover onion, kale stalks, carrot ends…) throw them in a bag in the freezer until you have enough to make stock.  Then throw them all in a slow cooker, cover with water, season with salt, pepper, fresh herbs, garlic, and let them marinate all day.  It makes a DIVINE vegetable stock that you can then use in this noodle recipe. (and it costs you nothing )  I poured hot stock right out of my slow cooker into the noodles.

What I didn’t do was measure my liquid.  Don’t do that.  My noodles ended up a little puffy when it was all said and done.

But hot off the stove.  Topped with shredded romano cheese.

This will be my noodle fix for years to come.


See all the liquid? I didn’t measure. You, of course, will. And it will be perfect.



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