Tried and Tuesday: Scrappy-Do!

ChalkI’m sort of a compulsive fabric buyer.

And I can’t throw anything away.

Which means half of the bags and bins surrounding my sewing machine are full of scraps.  Corners.  Edges.  Weird shapes.  Leftover bits of whatever I’ve been creating that I felt were big enough, “surely I could do something with this!”

Drives my husband batty.

So when I stumbled on this blog post about a “Scrap your Stash” party, I knew exactly where I was headed.  Up to the sewing room to fish through my bags of leftovers.  (this is one of my favorite sewing blogs, by the way… the pouf was also from here)

Scrappy InspirationLeft is her original inspiration.  It was on my “Sew Easy” Pinterest board… and now it’s on my “I did it!” board!  I absolutely loved the look of it.  How the pieces didn’t match or really go together by themselves, but when you put them all together and trimmed that white shirt.  Perfection.

So I pulled out ALL my scraps.  Not kidding.  All of them.  And I spent probably an entire day sorting through them.  Pulling out only the ones that I knew would be big enough to either make a wide edge or would fold up enough to make my own bias tape.

The living room was a mess.

By the end of the morning I had piles and piles of neat little rectangles that I had cut.  Divided by size (some did not yield as long a rectangle as others, so they were reserved for the bias tape) and then organized into complementing colors.

FYI. I’m a huge nerd.

In the end, I had an adorable springy collection.  A red and pink collection. (my world is red and pink) A 4th of July collection.  What I call a green collection.  And then a random collection.  I had a lot of scraps.


That afternoon while the Pickle slept, I went about sewing and ironing




of the spring collection.  Side to side.  Side to side.  Side to side.  Then I sewed the remaining pieces end to end.  End to end.  Then I folded and pressed.  Folded and pressed.

It was a very methodical process.  And in the end I had a gorgeous wide strip of colorful fabrics that were just screaming to go around the bottom of an old white skirt I had.  Then the new bias tape I had proudly folded and pressed in an eternal strip made the perfect haltar straps.  Wa-lah!

My little Sweet Pickle had a gorgeous, girly, fun sun dress… that cost me nothing but time. (and love)

If you have lots of scraps lying around that you don’t know what to do with, this is an incredible project.  It would make a beautiful, quilt-looking pillow.  It would be an adorable blanket binding.  You could line the bottom of a curtain with it.  Or an apron.  The possibilities are endless.

Or if you’re looking for more ideas to do with your scraps, check out the rest of the Scrap Your Stash party they had.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the tutorial on the link above.

Loads of ideas, so little time!


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