Gardening 101


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post because you want to learn about gardening, I’m not sure I’m the authority you want to be listening to.

20130608_074928I mean.  For my first real container garden, I guess it’s doing pretty well.  The carrots are my best ever.  The peas popped out like crazy.  The strawberries are still being plucked and munched by little grubby hands every other day.  And even the corn is a couple feet tall (in a container)!  The Tomato plant is as tall as I am.  The cucumbers are all abloom.

Even the Topsy Turvey has four plump little green balls hanging precariously from our deck.

However… I’ve learned a few things in the process.  Perhaps it will change the way I do things next time… perhaps.

I learned that my herbs were NOT happy to be moved to the front of the house.  My thyme has run out of time… and I’m sad because that was my favorite herb. (and previously one of my most successful).  If I could do it all over again, I’d have put them in a new pot, but not changed their sunlight and rain schedule.  Thyme didn’t like it.Peas

I learned that peas are delicious… right out of the pod… right off the plant.  (I always knew that, but this brought back sweet memories of childhood!)  A few days later while I attempted to build up enough of a stash to make one serving, though?  Not so great.  Trash-worthy, really.

Which leads me to the next thing.  Feeding a family of two and a half really takes a lot of vegetables.  A container garden is nice.  But doesn’t allow for a lot of plants, which means I’m eating some yummy vegetables…



at a time.

Not very practical.  While it’s fun to watch them grow, if I did it all over again, I’d choose two or three veggies I REALLY love and I’d plant lots of them.

Not ours... These beans came from a real garden.

Not ours… These beans came from a real garden.

Let’s just say it’s not gonna be a bumper crop.


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