Tried and Tuesday: Tie Up Your Toddler

Toddler ChairDon’t be misled.  I would never tie up my toddler… without good reason.

However, there are situations where I need her to sit still and the nearest five-point harness is halfway across a parking lot.

Today’s Tried and Tuesday meets the needs of moms out there who want their little one to sit in a chair.  You see, someone brilliant began creating handmade things that attach to your chair and Velcro or snap your baby in.  It’s called the Go Anywhere Chair, or some variation on that.

P's Chair

Here’s my little girl being oh-so ladylike the first time we ever used her chair… at Subway!

I stumbled upon one model of it on Pinterest about a year ago.  At the time, I just happened to have a child who was somewhere between infant and toddler.  She was able to sit in a chair for a moment, but needed just a little encouragement to stay there.  So I tried my hand at one of these chairs.

And I fell in love.

At the time, however, I was being cheap.  I didn’t want to go to the store and buy everything she recommended, so I modified it.

On a whim I had purchased two beautiful half-yards of fabric from the remnant bin, but I had not yet decided what to make with them.  They were perfect.

I didn’t have batting, so I used thick fleece.  However, I only had a quarter of a yard of thick fleece.  So I only used fleece on the seat half of the chair, then I hand-quilted it to keep it in place.  It has held up to many washings!

I also didn’t have Velcro. (and I don’t like Velcro very much)  So I decided to make it a tie-chair instead of a Velcro chair.

Thus the birth of my sweet little “Tie-me-up Toddler Chair”.  (or “Tie up your Toddler” Chair… whichever you prefer)

Here are all the wonderful things it can do:

  • Support a baby in a chair without letting them fall out. (they have to be able to sit with support and hold their head up on their own!)
  • Keep a young toddler in a chair without letting them climb out!
  • Train a child to sit in a chair properly with gentle, yet consistent seat-belt-like pressure.
  • Go anywhere.  This bad boy folds up and fits in your purse.
  • Works on any chair with slats.  I even had a friend use it on an airplane.
  • Survive baby food.  Frosting.  Popsicles.  Spaghetti.  And is completely machine washable.
  • It’s great for going to Grandma’s or a friend’s house.  As an alternative to restaurant highchairs.  Or any place you don’t want your child constantly on your lap!

Sweet Pickle


I loved them so much that I started making more and selling them to friends.  Now I’m excited to share that a downloadable PDF tutorial for my version of the chair will SOON be available for purchase on Sweet P’s Etsy site.  Like… within the week!

Not the crafty type?

Message me about a custom order, or check Sweet P’s Facebook Page for ready-to-ship options as they come up!

I love making these chairs.  I enjoy picking out fun, bright fabrics.  I like how they are unique, but simple.  Practical, but special.  And I would be privileged to make one for you or someone you love!


UPDATE: 9/26/2013

The Tie-Me-Up Toddler Chair tutorial is now available for sale in my etsy shop!  Stop by.  Pick one up.  And start making your own today!



2 thoughts on “Tried and Tuesday: Tie Up Your Toddler

  1. Love your creativity! Clever! Will be seeing your dad and Mom and Grammy (not sure how you address her) Katy here soon – on July 18th!! Can’t wait!! Love you!

  2. That’s exciting! Wish I could come. 🙂 I think she prefers to be called Nana, but I’ve called her Grandma Katie my whole life. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Hope you have a wonderful time with them.

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