4th of July Surprise (circa 2010)

This is an old, funny story from 4th of July 2010 in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  I found it the other day and thought it was too good not to share… plus it brings back some great memories. (I apologize for the big smushed paragraph… it copied weird)
Okay.  We finally got the pictures off of Casey’s phone from our funny little 4th of July Thailand experience. 
So, if you recall, it was a Sunday.  And every Sunday night is Casey and I’s date night.  It usually involves eating out (99% of the time we go to Pizza Company) and sometimes includes a massage.  On this special day, however, uh.. not much changed.  We still went to Pizza Company, but I thought I’d do my best to be festive, so I ordered a BBQ Pizza to commemorate our favorite BBQing holiday.  Yum!
After that, Casey got a craving for Swenson’s and I thought, “Yes!  That will be perfect!” because if you’ve ever been to Swenson’s outside the US (maybe even inside the US?) the menu  is loaded with sundaes and shakes ALL in an American theme.  With little American flags on top and everything.  I thought that would be a great 4th of July photo from Thailand, not to mention something yummy.
Throughout the month, they had also been running a special World-Cup menu with sundaes topped with flags from all over the world, but I found the perfect little Sundae with an American flag on top.  I didn’t have my camera.  Just Casey’s phone.  And I got it all ready- SO excited for my little 4th of July Sundae.
When she brought it to the table, however, she must have wondered about the shock and awe on my face as THIS was the Sundae I received:
I was speechless for some time.  Then I cracked up.  Then I took a picture.
Not only were they out of American flags, but the one they chose to replace it with (evidently thinking it was also red white and blue) just happened to be the flag of Great Britain…
Uh… isn’t that the country that we gained independance from on the 4th of July??? ( :

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