Tried and Tuesday: Mini Pies

Cherry PieI mean… look at that.

Who wouldn’t want to try it?!

Thanks to Pinterest and a little inspiration from this blog I decided that 4th of July would be the perfect time to try out these mini pies baked in a muffin tin.

I can’t say the result was as perfect as the idea.

But we sure had fun!

I don’t know about where you are, but here in East Tennessee we had a rather unusual 4th of July… it rained for 5 days straight.  Straight through the biggest BBQ outdoor holiday of the year.  Boo!

While it was great for my two-year old who is currently frightened at any loud noise, it was not so great for our annual day at my husband’s Aunt’s house- barbequing, swimming, and shooting off fireworks.

In fact, Thursday had a 100% chance of rain all day.

So we rescheduled the event and stayed home in our pj’s… ALL day.20130704_172012

Not our normal 4th.  But it was fun!  And gave me time to try out this recipe before taking it to a family gathering.

And I’m sure glad I did.. because it’s not as easy as it looks.

I had a great little helper.  Since we couldn’t swim, we decided to make pie and she got to use the fresh blueberries that we had picked at the beginning of the week. She also helped roll out (and taste) the dough.

Unfortunately, the results were not as exciting as the process.

Did I mention this is the first time I had ever made a real fruit pie?  So I didn’t add enough cornstarch.  But the berries broke down beautifully… and leaked juice all over my muffin tin… all over my beautiful pie tops… and all over my oven.

20130704_182657Because they were so small (and most of the filling ran out) my tops ended up a little sunken.  And those that did stay up were pretty much hollow in the middle.

But they were fun.  And they were yummy.  And I thought that for sure they would be fine when I made them for the 4th of July party with a canned cherry pie filling (that wouldn’t break down quite as much)

Wrong again.

On the day we actually celebrated the holiday, I followed the same simple steps.  Simplified the tops (so I could make them faster). And filled them with that yummy bright red sweet, sweet, sweet cherry pie filling that I love so much.

I was wrong about the leaking filling.  And the dough I used this time wasn’t as thick or sturdy as the first batch.  So when I went to pull them out of the muffin tins… they kind of fell apart.

Needless to say, my mini cherry pies never EVER looked like the one on the blog.

But cherry cobbler tastes good, too.  And everyone at the party ate it up!


I guess it’s a good lesson to learn.  That even if you can’t do something just exactly the way it looks on the blog or in the magazine, it’s always fun to try.  It’s always a learning experience.  And if you can laugh at yourself and take whatever comes, you’ll never be disappointed!  So this Tuesday, go try something new.

The worst you could do is eat cobbler!


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