Golden September

childhoodcancerawarenessmonthDid you know?  Gold is not just the color that the leaves start turning after September starts to wane.  It’s also not the color of the sky on a cool September dusk.  Nor is it the color of all the starred papers your child is bringing home from their first weeks of school.

For thousands and thousands of children out there, Gold means something completely different.

Gold means life.

Gold means funding for better treatment, better research, and quite possibly a better life.

You’ve seen pink everywhere… Literally. Everywhere. But did you know that Gold speaks for the smallest of us who suffer some of the greatest losses but cannot speak or fight for themselves?

Gold is the color of awareness for a kind of cancer that effects us all… childhood cancer. The cancer that steals childhoods, breaks families, and seeks to destroy our future.childhood_cancer_awareness_month_ribbon_i2_1_3_postcard-rbf5ea8ca5b704b818af439fa2522b149_vgbaq_8byvr_324

September is National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and while this disease has not affected me directly, it touches me every day. As my child runs and jumps and swims and plays I can’t help but think of those who can’t. As she learns to talk I remember those who have lost their ability to speak because of the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. When she wakes up every day – whether it’s a good day with giggles or a long day of tantrums and fussing – it’s a day that I get to spend with my child. A day some parents would long to have one more of.

One mom wrote this to the artist P!NK in an effort to get her to change her name to GOLD for the month of September:

46 children are diagnosed with cancer everyday.  That’s 2 classrooms of kids 365 days/year!  7 children will die everyday.  It is not as rare anymore.  The research is not there because childhood cancer receives less than 4% of the annual budget.  Everyone knows the color pink in October represents Breast Cancer Awareness and much progress has been seen due to awareness.  We are asking the same recognition and awareness for our kids.  They can’t fight by themselves and need us to be their voice.  I wasn’t a cancer mom and this didn’t affect me at all … until one day I was and it did.  My son, Aidan, was born with Stage 3 Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer).  Who knew that was even possible???  But that is the point!  People don’t know!!  I certainly didn’t!!  There are only 2 FDA approved chemotherapy drugs for all childhood cancers.  My son began chemotherapy at 10 days old with drugs that are approved for adult cancers not pediatric.  Oncologists will openly tell you that their current treatment plans are derived from trial and error on all those children that came before yours.  Our kids need a chance and things need to change.  That all begins with awareness!  Hope you can help.

Why do I care?  Because I don’t know if I will wake up one day and hear a Doctor say that my little Sweet Pickle is dying.  But I know there are TOO MANY parents who do.  So if our awareness helps one more child hear one more bedtime story and jump in one more puddle and climb on one more jungle gym… 20130723_091643

Then I’ll raise awareness!

Please copy the banner at the top and use it on your FB page through the month of September.  Or copy the small picture and make it your profile.  Help spread the Gold!

Here are just a few of the hundreds of foundations and websites set up for children and families who have suffered from this silent attacker who strikes with no rhyme, reason, bias or notice.  Feel free to share more at the bottom!


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