Will I see you…

… In September?



This song, though written about summer, has been in my head for a month now!

There’s something about September that hints of something new.  Something different.  Something approaching.

I see it in the way the shadows begin stretching out.  The earlier, cooler evenings.  The sound of football on the TV.  And that occasional flutter of yellow that I spy in the trees.

Yes, it’s still 85 degrees outside.  Yes, we’re all still wearing shorts and flip flops and going to the pool.  Yes.. we haven’t even reached double-digit days yet.

But it’s in the air.

Fall is coming.

That explosion of trees that almost happens overnight.

The crisp mornings that melt into perfect days.

The pumpkin bread.  The apple pie.  The chili.  The chicken noodles.

It’s coming.

And just like our soul sometimes longs for newness and growth and seasons of rest, it also longs for seasons of change and death and tearing down and purging… to make way for new life.

I yearned for a snowy winter.  Then watched excitedly for spring.  And waited desperately for summer.

But now I long for Fall.  Both in my world and in my soul.


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