The Voice of Wisdom


I took my toddler to a restaurant the other day.

It did not go well.

The first problem was, it was quarter til naptime.

The second problem was, it was at the mall… and you KNOW what else is at the mall.

The third problem was, it was Mexican food.  Mommy’s FAVORITE.  This is why I said yes when the invitation was given.  I will drop anything at the offer of Mexican food.  My daughter?  Not so much.  Unless she can just have cheese dip.

The fourth problem was… did I mention it was quarter til naptime?

So she spends the entire time screaming loudly “Go.  Mall.  NOW!”  She didn’t eat but ONE bite of her quesadilla.  She didn’t like the chips.  She wanted apple juice instead of water.  She didn’t want to sit in the highchair, she wanted mommy to hold her.  When I tried to get her to take more bites of her food she screamed “NO! NO! NO!”  She kicked.  She wiggled.  She laid on my shoulder.  She tried to get down.  She tried to get up.  She was not quiet.  And despite taking her outside and giving her a good firm “talking to” twice, nothing worked.

The moral of the story is… sometimes I need to listen harder to that little voice of mommy wisdom inside of me.  The one that knows naptime is NOT the time to try a sit down restaurant with no guarantee of “liked” food.  The one that knows a trip to the mall will not be short or fast or easy.  But it is a full afternoon activity that must be patiently planned and coordinated.  The little wisdom that knows I have a child now and if I really want to ENJOY my favorite food or my favorite women or my favorite event I probably need to schedule it… with the babysitter.

Better yet, the voice that says “you are no longer your own… you must think harder about what you want… and what is wise.”

Not that there haven’t been a hundred successful trips with my Sweet Pickle where she has been a gem.  This day was not one of them.  And really, the only person I can blame is myself.

Next time, no matter how hard it may be, I might have learned to listen to wisdom and regrettably say “no thank you.”


Unless it’s Chinese Food.


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