12 Years.


It’s no secret that we were all touched that day.  In some way.  Either someone we knew.  Some experience we’d had.  Something about that moment.  Something about where we were.  Some how.  Some way.  This day has sunk into our bones.  Etched itself on our hearts.  Carved an image in our brains.

What I find amazing is that every year I hear a new story.  A new perspective.  A new ache.

Every year I learn how this day impacted someone else.  Whether it was someone they lost.  Someone they knew.  A place they were.  How it changed their life.

It’s not the single event.  It’s the billions of events that we all shared together.

Like the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.  Or the day JFK was shot.  This is our generation’s uniting moment- when the whole world stopped and watched the towers burn.

And each year we open the door again and again and let the stories in.  And let ourselves remember.

So tell your story.  Let it rise to the top.  Let it change your life… again.

We need your piece of the puzzle.

It reminds us how small.  How fragile.  How weak we really are.  And it reminds us how desperately we need each other.

I pray we never forget, but I also pray that we as a people will honor this day by being stronger, more united, and more humble than ever before.


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