For the last several months, whenever I would hoist that yellow and white box of size 5 diapers into my cart, I would ask silently, “Is this the last box of diapers I’m going to buy for this girl?”

And month after month it wasn’t… until.



She’s not perfect.  We had a horrible weekend… something about Daddy being home and Mommy not being as diligent to watch for signs.  And my girl is just stubborn.  But we’re exclusively in panties (ugh… hate that word) and there’s nothing cuter than when she’s sitting on her little potty, cheesing up at me with her little fists up to her cheeks saying, “Yay! Pappy go poweee!!!!”

Bless it.


2 thoughts on “Milestone.

    • I was terrified, too! I thought it would be this huge, traumatic experience. There was WAY too much information out there. I kept hearing, “wait and let her tell you when it’s time” but this stubborn girl would have worn diapers to high school if I had let her. I ended up reading one of the “Potty Training in 3 Days” books… there are a few out there. And as impossible as it sounds, it was actually full of a lot of common sense stuff and ended up being a very fun bonding experience for us. Not perfect. Not easy. But not traumatic, either. So don’t worry now… you’ll do fine when you get there!

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