How I Made Two Chili’s Entrees Last Five Meals


September 23rd, Chili’s did a Donate Profits Day where 100% of their net profits went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Without clearing it with my husband first, I chose to partake in the festivities and I bought our usual Chili’s Takeout Meal:

  • Bacon Ranch Quesadillas (for the husband)
  • Chicken Fajitas for me and the Pickle (she’ll eat anything wrapped in a tortilla)
  • and Chips and Salsa… just because we can.

I like Chili’s.  I do.  I really like that they have takeout, and there’s a Chili’s not far down the road.  But truthfully, I really like anything that a) is yummy and not too pricey b) I don’t have to cook myself and c) can be repeated over a few different meals.  That way I really feel like I got my money’s worth.

So how did I make Quesadillas and Fajitas cover five meals?

First of all, I got lucky.  Monday night my husband wasn’t too hungry, so he only ate half of his entrée.  ALSO lucky, just this weekend he came up with the brilliant idea of taking his lunch to work at least three days a week.  (eye roll… I’ve been saying this for years, but of course it couldn’t be MY idea)  I think the secret reasoning behind it is that they just got a toaster oven at work, so now he feels like he can have ‘real’ food rather than yucky microwave reheated stuff.  So BOOM.  Monday night dinner AND lunch for the hubs on Tuesday.How I made two Chili's Entrees last five meals

Secondly, I am of distant relation to the Hoover vacuum cleaner.  (I get this from my dad)  I’ll pretty much eat anything you put in front of me.  Especially if the options are eat it or throw it away.  I’ll eat it every time.  I’ll especially eat stuff that I make that doesn’t turn out very good.  I think it’s a guilt thing… oh man, this sucks, I did a horrible job, now I had better eat it because it’s my fault.  All of that to say, I had enough for the Pickle and I to eat Monday night dinner AND both of us to eat Wednesday lunch.  “Mmm… Nummy wrap!” she says.  (Tuesday she wanted spaghetti-O’s… how could I say no?)

So that’s four meals- two dinners, two lunches (and if you count the Pickle it’s really six! Whoa!)

The fifth?  Well, it just so happened I was a Chopped champion in my previous life.  And when Chili’s gives you an entire onion already cut up, seasoned, and sautéed in a take out box and you only eat about a third of it in six fajitas… you find ways to use the rest of it.

Tonight we had chicken enchiladas.  Full of shredded chicken, carmelized onion, and green peppers smothered in enchilada sauce and cheese.

How’s that for funding cancer research and feeding your whole family?!


Have you got creative with your meals lately?


2 thoughts on “How I Made Two Chili’s Entrees Last Five Meals

  1. I love Chili’s fajitas! What a good idea to use the onions in something else – I always end up throwing them out since they give you so much (you can only eat so many onions!). The one thing my family will actually eat as leftovers recreated, is flank steak. I actually just did a post about that. I make extra so that I can use it on salads, sandwiches, fried rice, and quesadillas.

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