Monday Monday

Yes… click it.  Listen to it.  Sing along using whatever you think the lyrics might be.  I saw the Mama’s and the Papa’s once in concert… they were older, of course, and it was after Mama Cass had passed away.  And I think they sang this song.

Because who doesn’t just looooove Mondays?

I don’t mind them.

Really, I don’t.

But I have to be prepared for them.  If I’m not prepared for them, they tend to catch me by surprise and get me off on the wrong foot and then they really are just a mess.

So I have to be ready.

Do you do this?

Do you have your Sunday routine where you have to get a few basic things accomplished in order to make Monday morning a bit more… tolerable?

Since my husband and I both work on Mondays, and the Pickle goes to school, we feel like a real working family come Sunday night.  It’s important for me to have my husband’s laundry done.  I like to have lunches at least mostly packed.  It’s nice if the dishes are done or in the process.  Since I am usually tired when I get home in the afternoon, it helps to have dinner already planned.  Some evenings I even get the coffee pot ready so the only requirement in the morning is pushing that button.

If I’m really on top of things, the Pickle and I will have made a batch of pancakes or banana muffins to have ready for the week’s breakfasts.  This weekend we actually made both, so we’ll have some options!

And if I’m lucky, the house will be semi-clean.  The laundry will be mostly folded and put away.  And the morning will go somewhat smoothly.

But if it’s not,

or if I don’t,

which I sometimes won’t,

I really needn’t worry…

because there’s always Tuesday.

“Oh, every other day (every other day) Every other day of the week is fine….”


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