A Match Made in Thailand: Right Place, Right Time

The Day We MetI’ve been meaning to share our love story for a very long time.  So with only a month before our 5-year anniversary, I felt that this was a great time to start reflecting and getting it down on ‘paper’.  After all, it will be a story we will want to share with our children and grandchildren for generations to come…

Because it’s ours.

Before I get into the really hot stuff, though, I have to lay a little foundation.

A Match Made in Thailand

Working together throughout the week. For the record, the photo bomb lady was eager to hook us up!

Our story is one of being in the right place at the right time- physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We’ll start with my husband.  He had led a pretty wild life until one evening at the age of 26 he took some stomach medicine that wasn’t properly shaken… and it nearly killed him.  When he woke up in the hospital a couple days later with doctors telling him it was a miracle that all of his organs were still functioning properly, he realized it was only because of the Grace of God that he was alive.  This set his life on a course that would lead him back to church, on a long term mission trip to Thailand, and ultimately, into my life- right where he belonged.

I, on the other hand, moved to Taiwan right after college and became comfortable in my own life of travel and ministry and adventure.  I met a million people and faced a billion trials, only to reach a point spiritually where I had finally, finally surrendered my life to serving God.  I let go of the idol of ‘needing a husband’ and began to truly live in the peace of having Jesus be my everything.  During this time of personal growth, my family back in Kansas had some struggles.*  They begged me to come home, but in my heart, I just knew I couldn’t leave.

Coffee Cart

I’m the nerd making the peace sign… the man next to me is NOT my future husband!

And that was when I went to Thailand on a short term translating trip.

My first morning there, I went out for a run.  As I returned to the hotel, I spotted a familiar coffee cart parked out front.

Eager to have my first Thai coffee of the trip, I ran right up to the cart and ordered a drink…

I had no idea I was standing beside my future husband!


*In the end, my family struggles turned out fine.  Our story even played a role in the healing process for all of us!  It was a beautiful reminder that when we trust the leading of ‘that little voice inside’, even if it goes against everything that seems normal, the result is almost always more incredible than we could ever imagine.

Continue reading our story here.

Do you have any testimonies of choosing to follow God’s voice when everything else was screaming to do something else?  I would love to hear!


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