Craft Fair Preparation Series: Introduction

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My Grandma was crafty.  She crocheted and knitted and sewed and did all sorts of things.  The women of her day often did!  I recall several of my Great Aunts painting and sewing and quilting.  One of them even made ceramics and sold them all the time at… Craft Fairs!  So it is no wonder that as an adult and mom and wife I have slowly drifted into the world of craft fairs.

Not the least of which is one coming up on November 16th at Ridgedale Baptist Church! (shameless plug)

The Mother’s Day Out I work at is excited to be hosting their first ever craft fair fundraiser event! (no thanks to me)

As the coordinator, I have spent the last three months planning, praying, fretting, browsing, inquiring, and living all things craft fair.  Having only participated in two of them myself, I realized that I had a lot to learn.  But thanks to a lot of wonderful people, helpful blogs, and willing friends who were ready to follow my wild hair to its completion, I believe we are on our way to a successful Saturday of crafting and fundraising!

In order to better assist our vendors (and anyone else out there who is preparing for a fall craft fair) I have compiled some information, tips and tricks to help make your crafting experience a positive one!  We will also have a special focus each week for business consultants (read: Thirty One, Mary Kay, Scentsy, etc), so don’t think you’re off the hook just because you don’t “craft” your product.  We want you to have a successful day, too!

For the next 5 Thursdays, I will be writing about different craft fair preparation topics.  I will also be linking up helpful resources I have found throughout blogdom and on Pinterest.  In addition, the comments will be open for your best tips, experiences and links to share with other readers!  With your help, we can make this a fun, well-prepared, and successful event.

While you’re waiting anxiously for next Thursday, visit & follow my Pinterest board for a preview of helpful booth, display, preparation, and product ideas.

Happy Crafting!!!


Part 1: Preparing Your Product.  Whether you make bows or sell Mary Kay, it is helpful to think about your product.  This week we will touch on topics like how much to prepare, how to present it, what is selling, and branding your product.

Part 2:  Advertising.  Ask any craft fair coordinator and they will probably tell you the number one method of advertising… is you!  This week we will look at different ways to get the word out so we can ensure the most traffic, and the most success, possible.

Part 3: Preparing Your Booth.  While a great product and a bunch of friends is a good start, there won’t be much point if you don’t have an organized, appealing craft booth.  This week we will think ahead on how best to arrange, decorate and organize your booth for maximum appeal- as well as share some tips on giveaways & getting new clients.

Part 4: Money Matters.  The event itself is a fundraiser, but these events are created to support the vendors financially, too.  That’s why you’re there!  So you might as well be prepared!  This week we will discuss money topics from how much change to have in your box to pricing to accepting credit cards.  Eek, technology!

Part 5:  Craft Fair Checklist.  The BIG DAY is almost here!  We will provide a last-minute checklist of what to have with you on the Craft Fair Day so nothing is left behind.  Product?  Check.  Business Cards?  Check.  Coffee?  Check!

I hope you can join me for the next 5 weeks!


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