25 Amazing Things To Do With Your Toddler: AROUND THE HOUSE

Around The HouseI don’t know about you, but parenting is exhausting.  What makes it so difficult is that you’re never just parenting.  You are always parenting and working.  Parenting and providing for the family.  Parenting and cooking meals.  Parenting and keeping your marriage spicy.  Parenting and doing laundry, scrubbing toilets, picking up toys, finding space for your sanity…  I don’t know about you, but I could use some extra hands!  Which is why I love this blog post.

You see, in the only book we’ve ever read on parenting, “Parenting by the Book“, author John Rosemond points out that our grandparents did not let their toddlers continue being toddlers well into their tweens.  Instead, as soon as they were ready, they began giving them responsibilities.  They began teaching them about contributing to the household, being an active part of something bigger than themselves, becoming a valuable member of society.  In other words… they did chores.  Not only did that give them a sense of responsibility, but it taught them obedience, respecting authority, taking pride in oneself and one’s accomplishments, working hard, etc.

I do not believe that giving a child chores- even a young child- will ever damage them or deny them of a meaningful childhood.  In fact, toddlers want to help.  They love to help.  They want to be given responsibilities like mommy or daddy or the big kids.  And while they might not perform said duties as perfectly as you would, that’s not really the point, now is it?

There are many lists out there of small responsibilities you can give toddlers around the house.  This is just my version of that list based on what we have done or plan to do (maybe today, actually).  It is by no means exhaustive!  So feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.  And as always, keep in mind, our definition of “amazing” is very different than a two-year-old’s definition of “amazing.”


1.  Unload/Load the washing machine & dryer

2.  Fold towels

3.  Sort socks

4.  Put dirty clothes in the hamper

5.  Load/Empty the dishwasher (we only do silverware and mugs since that’s what she can reach right now)

6.  Put trash in the trash bin

7.  Sort the recycling

8.  Wipe baseboards

9.  Dust with a sock on their hand

10.  Hold the dustpan when sweeping

11.  Clean up your own messes (wiping up spills, etc)Folding Laundry

12.  Setting the table

13.  Wiping the table

14.  Clearing dishes

15.  Putting pillows on the couch

16.  Pulling weeds

17.  Harvesting fruits/vegetables

18.  Small painting jobs

19.  Mopping

20.  Help feed/care for pets

21.  Make bed

22.  Wipe windows/refrigerator

23.  Put shoes by the door (that’s where we keep ours)

24.  Hold the vacuum with you (if they’re not scared of it)

25.  And of course… Clean up toys!

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