25 Amazing Things To Do With Your Toddler: OUTSIDE

Outside2Let’s face it… you can only go to the park so many times before your child (read: you) gets bored.  What about when you don’t want to drive all the way there?  (if you’re not lucky enough to live near one)  What about when the big kids are swarming recklessly?  What about when you just need a change of scenery?

Our little Sweet Pickle has grown up in the same townhouse her entire two and a half years.  It’s a nice little complex tucked away in a quiet subdivision behind the airport.  Surrounded by thick woods.  And flanked by a rumbling train.

It’s where I walked and wondered and prayed over her the last two months she lived in my belly.  It’s where I strapped her into her infant carseat and pushed her in the jogging stroller.  It’s where she learned to walk, color with chalk, splash in puddles, and, recently, it’s where she learned to ride her tricycle.Playing Outside

It is also where we have made some of our sweetest, simplest, most wonderful memories… outside.  Which is why I’m sharing my list of the 25 most amazing things you can do with your toddler outside.  Because being outside is so much more than going to the park.  It’s discovery, it’s training, it’s growth, it’s time you can spend… together.

Without further ado… 25 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Toddler OUTSIDE:

And as always, don’t forget, a toddler’s definition of “amazing” is very different from our definition of “amazing.”

1.  Color with chalk

2.  Go get the mail

Rolling Down Hills3.  Pick up rocks (and acorns, and sticks, and leaves)

4.  Paint on the sidewalk with water

5.  Splash in puddles (you, too!)

6.  Take your lunch outside… on a Tuesday

7.  Swing… really high!

8.  Let them ride their trike/scooter/big wheel at a big walking trail

9.  Roll down the hill

10.  Play ‘tackle’ football (or catch)

11.  Plant a garden

12.  or just Dig in the dirt

Running in the Grass13.  Have a picnic

14.  Walk through the woods

15.  Throw rocks in a stream (or drain or puddle)

16.  Set up an outdoor play kitchen

17.  Feed the ducks

18.  Pick strawberries (or blueberries, or apples, or pumpkins)

19.  Play in the sprinkler

20.  Take toys outside and play on a blanket

21.  Paint rocks

22.  Water the flowers

Balancing23.  Wash the car

24.  Jump and step across rocks

25.  Balance along curbs and parking bumpers (we have to do this everywhere we go)


– Rake leaves

– Jump in leaves

– Collect leaves

– Count leaves

– Practice colors with leaves


What do you and your children do outside?

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