A Match Made in Thailand: Old-Fashioned Courtship

Grandma and GrandpaSo after I ran up to my future husband at a coffee stand in Thailand, and emailed him for two months in blissful ignorance before I learned that he was really pursuing me, I found myself in Taiwan on a computer Skyping with a boy in Thailand that I had spent all of about 7 days with.  And I admit… I was falling in love.

We had become good friends in our visits and emails.  So on April 8th when he asked if he could “get to know all about me” (aka. date me) it was sort of a natural progression from friend to, I guess you would say, suitor?

Today it reminds me of my Grandparent’s love story.  Your Own WifeThey first met when some friends hooked them up.  As they started sharing their lives, they found that they had a lot of similarities- they had both grown up on farms in northeast Kansas, not far from each other actually.  They had both lost their parents at a very young age.  And they both enjoyed the outdoors.  So they began dating!  When my grandpa went to Arizona for military training, they wrote each other every day.  He told me that one time he ran out of paper, so he wrote to her on toilet paper!  In 1949, my grandma went to Kingman, Arizona to marry a man she hadn’t seen in months, but was completely in love with.  They had a simple, beautiful wedding.  Spent time going on a honeymoon.  And then she came back to Kansas alone while he finished out his service.

My husband and I didn’t write letters.  We chose a more modern route in our courtship.  We emailed every day.  Skyped nearly every night.  And even racked up some hefty phone bills texting (internationally!) for a month.

SuvarnabhumiIn May, I went to Thailand for a ministry meeting with some partners up North.  The way my flights worked out, I would have to spend a whole night in the airport in Bangkok.  Naturally, my sort of boyfriend offered to come pass the evening with me.  We drank coffee, played cards, chatted about life… but never once broached the subject of where our relationship was headed.

Finally, as dawn broke and my flight North loomed, I asked him simply, “So, what’s next?”

He didn’t quite get my tone, and replied with an oblivious, “Well, I guess we could go to Starbucks again…”  I sighed and agreed.

And that’s how our one night ended.  Lots of coffee.  Not much direction.  And barely a hug.

That is… until I got on the plane.

And I read the notebook he had given me for my flight.

In which he wrote me the most beautiful love-letter.  Telling me all the things he loved about me.  Sharing that he never imagined he would come to Thailand and meet someone, let alone someone he could spend the rest of his life with.

And he said, “I love you.”


Fast forward a few days when my trip was ending and I was returning to the airport, this time with a sense of excitement that this was the one God was telling me to spend my life with.  Every moment it was being confirmed more and more, both in our hearts, in our friendship, and even through the wisdom of the people around us.

It wasn’t until I changed my flight and got on a bus with him for our first real date (Ironman) that he looked at me, smiled, held my hand for the first time ever and asked,

“So… what’s your ring size?”


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5 thoughts on “A Match Made in Thailand: Old-Fashioned Courtship

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m reading the script of an awesome movie!!! This is so fun and I can’t wait to read the next post! Thank you so much for sharing Jenny!!!!!

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