Craft Fair Preparation Series: Part III- Preparing Your Booth

Preparing for a Craft Fair Series

Craft Fair Preparation Series- Part 3: Preparing Your Booth. While a great product and a bunch of friends is a good start, there won’t be much point if you don’t have an organized, appealing craft booth.  This week we will think ahead on how best to arrange, decorate and organize your booth for maximum appeal- as well as share some tips on giveaways & getting new clients.

Craft Fair Table 2

My first ever craft fair table. While it wasn’t perfect, I did attempt to incorporate some important features. What could I have done differently?

Since our fair will be using tables instead of large booths, I have focused primarily on how to set up a table.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but I have posted some fabulous links at the bottom for you to do more research if you want.  Also, be sure to check out my Crafty Crafty Pinterest board for some great pictures and ideas!

With that said, here is a collection of great tips (borrowed and experienced) for setting up an appealing craft fair table!

1.  HERE’S YOUR SIGN.  If it is at all possible, have a sign with your business name on it!  I’m not gonna say it has to be professionally made, but you can easily get inexpensive vinyl signs made at Staples, Fast Signs or other sign companies.  But if you’re not ready to make that investment, DIY signs are fine, too.  Just make sure your customers know who you are before they ever even walk up to your table!

2.  HERE’S YOUR CARD. As I mentioned before, it is highly recommended that you have some kind of business card that customers can take with them.  These should be placed strategically so that customers can grab one and take it with them.  Even if you don’t have a brand name, your personal name, contact information, and a brief description of what you sell should be enough to jog their memories when they are at home and decide they really wanted that hand-painted ceramic pumpkin after all!

3.  LOOK UP.  Your table is a blank canvas- NOT a finished product.  Take it to the next level by getting creative with space and height!  Look around your house for items you can use or make to create height, draw attention to certain areas, and hold products.  Small standing shelves.  Benches.  Chairs.  Tree branches painted and secured to hang small products from.  Boxes placed underneath a second table-cloth to create different levels (note that you need to have a first table cloth!  It will cover table legs and hide your purse, boxes and extra inventory).  Use baskets, old suitcases, crates or fabric-covered boxes to group items.

3.  LOOK DOWN. Don’t limit yourself to the table only!  Think ahead and bring props to help you creatively use the space around your table as well!  I love the idea of using the side rail of a crib to hold quilts or to hang hooks for your fill in the blank!(purses, pictures, wall hangings, etc)  A small ladder.  A bench.  An old chair.  As long as it’s not in the way of customers reaching your table, the space around can (and should) be used to your advantage!

Craft Fair Table

I teamed up to do this table with a friend. We had a lot of different products, so we had to space things accordingly and were moving things around all day long! What could we have done better?

4.  NOT TOO MUCH, NOT TOO LITTLE.  When stocking your table with goodies, try hard to keep it organized and uncluttered.  There is a fine line between having so much stuff that it’s overwhelming, and having too little stuff so your table looks bare and uninteresting.  If you have a variety of products, group them all together in a way that is clear and understandable.  If you have a lot of items, it’s not necessary to have them all out on the table at once.  Simply replace items as you sell them so your table always looks “full”.

5.  MAKE PRICES CLEAR.  Customers are not always going to want to ask you a price, so make sure your prices are clearly marked.  If you have a small sign posted for certain items, be sure to group them near their sign.  If you have individual tags on each product, mark them clearly so people can find them.  Also, if you are running a special or doing a giveaway, put a sign out for that and let customers know!  You can gain a lot of followers by hosting a giveaway for signing up on a list.

6.  VENDOR ETIQUETTE.  Do not, I repeat.  Do NOT attack customers.  We are glad you are excited about your product, but there is a way to voice your excitement without being overbearing.  (FYI- Sitting behind your table texting or talking is not going to win you customers either.)   Try a simple hello.  Offer to help if they have any questions.  Know your products and prices well so if they have questions you can answer them.  If you have samples, offer a sample.  Get to know your customers, but don’t get wrapped up in conversation so much that they can’t shop (and you can’t help others).  In short, think about what you want when you are visiting a craft table or a store.  And be that polite, helpful, friendly salesperson we all love!





In addition to the tips above, which you should be using as well, there are a lot of wonderful things you as a business consultant can do to make your table interactive and engaging!

As mentioned previously, having products that customers can touch, feel, smell, taste, or take home is the very best way to ensure a successful day.  If you have samples, give out samples.  If you can give demonstrations, give demonstrations.  If you are doing a fundraiser, discount, or a giveaway, post a big sign and politely let customers know as they walk past.  If you are looking to gain more clients, you might consider a bonus or giveaway for those who share their contact information.  Whatever you do, don’t force your product on others, but do share how much you love the company and the product.  Do brush up on your knowledge of your product and be prepared to answer any questions.  And do represent your company with enthusiasm!


Here are some links to other great craft fair table tips:


Now go get creative and start thinking about your booth.  It’s going to be fun!

Happy Crafting!!!

Meet back here next Thursday for Part 4: Money Matters The event itself is a fundraiser, but these events are created to support the vendors financially, too.  That’s why you’re there!  So you might as well be prepared!  This week we will discuss money topics from how much change to have in your box to pricing to accepting credit cards.  Eek, technology!

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  2. Love reading others insites for shows after doing so many myself. Wanted to let you know I just went through the 4! Very nice but the 1st one won’t work on any of the links. Shows the page has been moved or no longer there.

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