It Takes A Village…

Moms Blog IntroIn the only parenting book
I’ve ever read, author John Rosemond reminds us what parenting used to look like before APA guidelines, Babies R’ Us, the internet, and modern psychology.  He reminds us that back in grandma’s day, the only parenting help women ever had came from their own parents, and grandparents, and aunts, and friends.  It was this unique relationship with other women that helped guide a new mother through those first few precarious years.  And while a lot has changed in our day.  While we are overwhelmed by information and assistance and ‘advice’, I believe this special relationship between moms is one thing that has not changed (and I argue, never will).

That’s why I am so excited to share the launching of a new blog here in Knoxville that I am blessed to be a contributor for.  It’s called Knoxville Mom’s Blog and is part of the City Moms Blog Network that shares sites in cities all over the country.  My friend Natalie, mom of two boys and the founder of Knoxville Moms Blog, decided that she wanted to put her time, efforts, and corporate experience to use in helping local moms connect and communicate.

Moms Blog Link

Click here to visit the Blog!

Through this blog, a group of 7 contributors, all local moms, will be sharing their stories and tips on motherhood.  It will be a venue to vent frustrations, give tips on handling holidays, share all kinds of experiences we’ve run into as moms, and deal with every mothering issue from finances to fitness.  On the side we will also be hosting local playgroups, moms-only events, giveaways, and more!

I am looking forward to being a contributor for this great resource.  I believe in the power of moms coming together and sharing life.  I believe wholeheartedly in gleaning wisdom from moms who have gone before and passing wisdom on to the next generation of world-changers.  And I believe women were created to be in relationship with one another to raise healthy kids, build strong families, and ultimately build a more caring community.

Whether you’re local or not, please take a moment to visit the site, meet the contributors, and like us on Facebook.  You’ll find some amazing women, and you might read some familiar words from Yours Truly!

If you are a business or would like to partner with us through an event, giveaway, or sponsored post you can contact Knoxville Moms Blog at

Also, check to see if your city has a Moms Blog that you can be a part of… Other moms need your story!

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