A Match Made in Thailand: When You Know, You Know

When you knowIn February of 2008 I left my then home of Taiwan to go on a short mission trip to Thailand.  The first morning there, I ran up to a coffee cart where I met the man I would soon call “friend”, then “suitor”, and before I knew what was happening, soon-to-be “fiancé”.

That happened in May.

After our first date, and our first kiss, I might add, I returned to Taiwan for an excruciating three weeks.  It just so happened that I had helped arrange another short term trip to Thailand with a small team from our church- planned well before I knew I was returning to Thailand to get engaged.

During those three weeks I skyped my future husband constantly.  We prayed, dreamed, laughed, cried.  We couldn’t believe God had orchestrated our coming together so beautifully and in such a dramatic way!  In reality, we barely knew each other, yet it felt like we had known each other our whole lives.  There was a connection that could never be put into words.  If there is such a thing as soul-mates, we were it!

We have some favorite memories of those three weeks.  One was him mocking me on Skype, taunting “I’m looking at your ring, I’m looking at your ring!” while I couldn’t see it.  The other was when he called my father to ask for my hand in marriage!  Granted, my parents had just found out a few weeks before that I even had someone in my life, let alone someone I was about to get engaged to.  That morning I had to teach a class, so when my future husband called to tell me about the conversation with my dad, I couldn’t answer.  Not for an hour!  (Quite possibly the longest hour of his life)

A MatchFinally, the day came.  I boarded a plane for Thailand to make the second-most important decision of my life.

It was Sunday morning- Father’s Day- when he came to my hotel (the same hotel where we had met just a few months before).  We walked down to the beach and sat on a rock.  There, he poured out his heart to me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

I simply replied, “okay.”

God had made it so unbelievably clear to me that this was it.  He had a plan.  It was unfolding perfectly.  And I could trust Him in this whirlwind adventure.


In an effort to make a long story short, I won’t share the details of the next five months.  But suffice it to say, “When you know, you know”.  And when you know, nothing will keep you from moving forward boldly.

WeddingWe discussed a Christmas wedding in America, but my parents already had tickets to fly over for a visit in November.  So I asked my new fiancé if we could just get married then.

In Taiwan.

In a little church in the mountains.

With just a few friends, and our parents, and God.

So almost 8 months to the day after we stood beside each other at a coffee cart… we said, “I Do.”


Now, five years later, we just spent a weekend in the Tennessee mountains for our Anniversary.  This time in a cabin.  With our little world-changer crying for Mickey Mouse and spilling orange juice on the floor.  We woke up too early and drank coffee together snuggled under a blanket.  He watched football.  I sewed and listened to old records.  It was beautiful.  And even these few years and many journeys, trials, and adventures later, we still remember those precious moments.  When we met.  When we talked.  When we knew.  When God brought all of heaven crashing down to bring us together.  And over spilled coffee grounds, piles of dishes, and falling asleep in front of football games we are eternally grateful to God…

For each other.

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