My Mother-in-Law Gives Me Old Bananas

Old BananasIt’s true.

When her bananas get old, she throws them in a plastic Target bag and sends them home with me.

Not because she doesn’t love me… but because she DOES!  And after living in close proximity for nearly three years, she knows me pretty well.

She knows I resemble her husband in the fact that I hate to waste anything and if I heard she threw them away I might just dig through her trash when she wasn’t looking and fish them out.

She knows that I like to find a use for things… random things.  Boxes.  Toilet paper rolls.  Old clothes.  Black Bananas.

Banana BreadShe also knows that me and my little girl find no greater thrill in the world than filling the kitchen with dirty bowls, a fine dusting of flour, the sounds of laughter, and a big batch of banana bread muffins.

This weekend my mother-in-law gave me 5 black bananas.  But she didn’t give me rotten fruit.

She gave me an hour of messes, laughter & learning with my Pickle.

She gave me small gifts to bless my neighbors with… just because.

She gave me the satisfaction of working with my hands and creating something wonderful.

Bread PansShe gave me something homemade to take to a Christmas party this weekend.

She gave me a no-fuss breakfast for the next few days

She gave me so much more than a bag of black bananas.

But she also gave me a messy kitchen…

I’ll have to talk to her about that one.


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