Happy Thanksgiving


I’m thankful for…

My husband.  My little girl.  Our home.  Our cars, that run.  Our jobs.  The sun filtering through snow-covered trees.  The heater.  Warm blankets.  Fuzzy socks.  Running water.  Hot running water.  Food in my cupboards.  A loving family.  My life story.  Coffee.  Family pictures on the wall.  My sewing machine.  Cherry Coke.  Airplanes.  The trees surrounding our apartment.  Soft cats.  My childhood.  Creating my own child’s childhood.  “Five kisses” before she walked out the door.  A washer and dryer.  The stillness.  A soft bed.  A good book.  Homemade Mickey Mouse pancakes.  A flushing toilet.  1,000 square feet of love.  A couch big enough to cuddle on.  A warm bath.  My heart full of memories and thanksgiving.  The mercy and grace of my loving God.

I’m thankful… period.


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