25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

The Plan:

On the first day of Christmas, my little Pickle found under the tree… a cute little Christmas devotion book that her Grandmommy got her last year.  It begins on December first and goes for 25 days sharing little stories of the meaning of Christmas and Christmas traditions.  Every night before bed we will read one page.  Talk about what it says.  Pray the little prayer that goes along with it.  And the Pickle will go to bed with vision of Sugarplums dancing in her head.

The Reality:

She opened the gift, alright.  And was excited about a new “Bible”.  But then she also attempted to open every other gift.  Got in trouble.  Threw a tantrum.  And every night we’ve read a story, she completely ignores me.  Will not answer my questions.  And would rather kick her feet, mutter her new vocabulary, and try to turn the page.  Both nights I’ve been tempted to slam the book shut and put her to bed with no song.

Both nights I’ve sung Christmas songs and felt better.

Both nights she’s woke up three times coughing and crying.

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