25 Days of Christmas: Day 3

The Plan:

Yup.  That’s right.  Following suite PERECTLY with this morning’s post, I didn’t have anything on my list for today.  There is no gift under the tree for today.  No fun activity.  No “new” toy.  No number three to practice.  I saw it all weekend, that glaring empty “3” on my excel spreadsheet and could NOT think of anything amazing to do.  I thought, “I’ll get back to it… I’ll think of something… it’s not until Tuesday.”  Well… here we are.

Empty three.

So I’ll probably just wing it.  Maybe wrap up a bag of instant pancakes and say it’s her Christmas activity for today.

Epic fail?  Or perfect opportunity for Grace?  Oh wait.. it gets better.  I wrote this post too soon…

The Reality:

I was wrong.  Not only did I have a gift marked “3” under the tree, I had a very cute gift marked “3” under the tree and we had a very good time unwrapping it!  What I didn’t have was a saved Excel spreadsheet on my computer.  Apparently my battery had died at some point in my crazy dazy and left my nice list with the old version which, didn’t have a 3.

Nothing bad about this.  We opened a sweet little box of mini-books with Christmas Carols written in them and a handmade jingle bell instrument that I saw here.  We read them all together.  She loved it.  She shook her little bells.  We sang.  It was the sweetest day yet.

What was not sweet was losing my spreadsheet that I had spent most of naptime the previous Saturday tweaking and adjusting and correcting.  Gone.

All I have now are a bunch of presents under the tree that I hope I remember!



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