25 Days of Christmas: Day 5

The Plan:

Tonight the blog that I am a contributor for is participating in an event at a local boutique where Santa will be taking pictures with children for $10!  Since this is on our schedule to attend, I decided to make today’s gift coincide.  Today the Pickle will be opening up a cute outfit to wear when she goes to see Santa!

Now, Santa is not a huge deal to us.  At this point in her life she doesn’t really understand and she’s really kind of scared of him.  (Who wouldn’t be)  Last year we didn’t even bother.  So there’s a very good chance that said outfit will never appear in a smiling picture with Santa.  But hey… a Mama can hope.  And if nothing else, the Pickle will look cute at the event.

The Reality:

Is it saying something that I have epically failed four out of the first five days in this 25 days of Christmas deal?  Don’t worry… today was the biggest flop yet.  Because not only did the Pickle open a pitiful trash bag from yesterday that made absolutely NO sense in her toddler brain (and yet again, I didn’t actually follow-through with going through her toys), she also opened this adorable shirt that she was supposed to wear to see Santa in and I had to explain to her that she was too sick to go see Santa and she needed to stay home and rest.  After she pulled the cute shirt on over her head, I told her she could watch TV all day and rest.

That ended the discussion about what these ridiculous presents meant.

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