25 Days of Christmas: Day 8

The Plan:

When the Pickle was pretty small, her Aunt purchased a book from her cousin’s Scholastic book order for her.  She thought it was cute.  Had a cat on it and came with a CD that read the story.  It was quite young for her at the time, but we listened to it anyways and seemed to like it well enough.  Only as she got older has she fallen completely in love with Pete the Cat!  Which is why last Christmas I told my parents about all the cute Pete the Cat stuff out there.  And sure enough, on Christmas Eve Day a box came in the mail for us with a hardback copy of “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas.”  Complete with the free song online.  She loved that book.

So today, we will open Pete the Cat Saves Christmas.  We will read it half a dozen times, watch the video even more, and quite possibly make it our bedtime book for the next year.

The Reality:

Or we won’t open it at all.

She opened Pete the Cat two nights ago.  We didn’t open anything today.


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