25 Days of Christmas: Day 9

The Plan:

Last year was the first year I ever did the 25 Days of Christmas gifts with my Pickle.  One of my favorite days was putting together our Christmas cards.  Not because it was super fun or anything, but because it forced me to get my Christmas cards ready, addressed, stamped and mailed super early (read: on time).  Something else I loved about it was the idea I got to write letters and make special cards for a few special people in our lives.

Last year had there had been several losses among our family and friends. Most of them older.  My Grandpa passed away leaving his wife alone.  My other Grandma was spending her ninth Christmas in a nursing home while her Beloved was moving into an Assisted Living Facility a couple miles away.  And a woman in my parent’s church had recently lost her husband to his battle with cancer.

We love Christmas so much and do a lot for others during this season, but all too often we forget about those who have to bear the weight of loss and grieving.  For many the holidays bring up reminders of Christmas memories, the pain of lost loved ones, and the loneliness that comes from an empty house.  So to send a little special Christmas cheer we will make special Christmas cards for a few people.  Letting them know we are thinking of them and acknowledging their loneliness this time of year.  But also sending some Christmas cheer in the form of  a loving letter, a special Christmas drawing by our little elf, and our family Christmas card.  It’s not much, but we pray that it will bring a smile and some Christmas joy to an otherwise bittersweet time of year.

The Reality:

Finally I did something right!  Tonight when the Pickle noticed the pile of presents and started tearing into number 18, I gently took it out of her deathgrip and handed her the correct number.  I wasn’t even sure what it was until she opened a small envelope with stickers in it.  Then I remembered that we were to color pictures and write letters to some of our favorite elderly people.

So we did.

P got to show off her recently acquired face-drawing technique.  I clawed off a few more mouse house stickers.  We giggled.  We got creative.  We colored.  And hopefully when we mail them this week, there will be several more smiles at my little girl’s beautiful artwork.


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