25 Days of Christmas: Day 10

The Plan:

Yesterday we wrote our special letters.  Today the Pickle will open up our Christmas cards and our Christmas stamps, and we will take some time to address, stamp and send all of our Christmas cards.  On the 10th!!  The Pickle will do most of the stamp sticking and perhaps some envelope decorating.  We’ll talk about each family member and friend as we prepare their card.  And then we’ll drive to the post office where she’ll put each letter into the “out of town” slot one at a time.

The Reality:

Went to the doc this morning to learn that the Pickle is pretty sick and needs to stay home and rest.  Perfect opportunity to do a quiet, restful thing like prep our Christmas cards!  Although… we might not be mailing them out today.

And we might send germs via post to all parts of the globe.

Merry Christmas!


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