My Christmas Wish List

When I was ten and I had relatives, friends and an entire North Pole begging me to reveal what an awkward pre-teen would want for Christmas, I might have said a Joey McIntyre doll… maybe.  And I might still have said Joey McIntyre doll at my parents’ house in the Barbie collection.  Maybe.

However, as a very grown up, mature, wife and mother, no one really asks me what I want for Christmas anymore.  They ask what my three-going-on-thirteen-year-old wants.  And they absolutely always ask what my husband (who still wears clothes from highschool) wants that is less that a thousand dollars and doesn’t come from a large blue store with a yellow logo.  But they don’t ask me.  But if they did….

Thankfully, my tastes have changed.  I like to think I’ve grown up a little from dolls.  And my desires have been refined a bit by the fire of reality.  Necessity.  And a budget.

So if I could have anything I wanted this Christmas… this is the very short list I would share.

1. Bangles Not only beautiful, these bangles go to support my very favorite cause- finding proper treatment for Pediatric Cancer through the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation.

2. barre3I’m too lazy to go to the gym (and I can’t afford it) but this is 10 dollars a month, unlimited, online workouts that fit my schedule.  I might actually do it!

3. Grill and GriddleI have wanted one of these for a couple years now.  I mean, pancakes and sausage at the same time?  Winner.

4. waweeWe coffee snobs miss our Thai coffee.  If this isn’t possible, though, Vienna Coffee from right here in East, TN would be ok, too.

5. Camera SchoolMy husband already surprised me with a fancy camera for Christmas… but now I want to learn how to use it!  A day at Sarah McAffry’s Camera School would do the trick.

And last but not least…

World Peace.

Merry Christmas shopping, everyone! (message me for my mailing address)


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