Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Some things never change.  Or at least I try hard not to let them.

When I was growing up, we had lots of Christmas traditions that we clung to.  We always picked out our own live Christmas tree.  We decorated the house to the tune of the Beach Boys, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, and the Carpenters.  I was the one who meticulously set out the big nativity.  On the last day of school before Christmas break my mom and I would make cinnamon rolls to take to our bus driver.  And every year we would make and decorate sugar cookies.

Now that we have a sweet Pickle and a flurry of traditions of our own, some of these have been lost.  The live tree, for example (it’s not allowed in our apartment).  I don’t have the Beach Boys Christmas Album (although you could purchase it for me here).  I probably won’t set out the big nativity until the kiddo is in high school because I’m pretty sure the first thing she’ll do is break it.

But sugar cookies?

That we can (and did) do.

Tradition Baking Soda

We made cookies in our church clothes.

Tradition Chocolate Chips

She ate chocolate chips with a measuring spoon.

Tradition Here Doh

We shared.  We ate a LOT of cookies… and cookie dough.

Tradition Cookie

We made traditional sugar cookies from the Big Red Betty Crocker Cookbook.  Rolled them out on my Grandparent’s old 1940’s kitchen table using my Grandma’s rolling pin.  And the next day we iced them using my mom’s icing recipe that always turns out more pink than red.


Tradition Cutting Cookies

And every batch of Christmas Cookies needs a few Mickey Mouse faces, right?

Tradition Cookies

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


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