Living Large (while living small)

Living Large“It is not the size of your space that matters, but what you do with the space you are given.”

I just made that quote up… but it’s true, isn’t it?

As our family has grown, we have tried desperately to keep the Jones’ away.  But no matter how hard we try, every time we turn around we are reorganizing a closet, adding another shelf, consolidating another box, all to make room for more.  And deep down in our souls we mutter, “we need a bigger place.”

But is that true?  Do we really need more space or do we just need less stuff?  Or perhaps do we just need to be wise about the space we have?

When my husband and I returned from Thailand with a 7-month-old belly, no job, and our whole life looming, our first thought was, “we need a place to live!”  Nothing big.  I mean, how much space does a baby take up?  And nothing expensive because, well… did you read the job part?  And nothing permanent because surely we’ll be out of there soon…

Three years later, our five suitcases that we moved in with have turned into a houseful.  Our baby has grown into a toddler.  Three Christmases and two birthdays have come and gone.  And let me tell you, our townhouse has not grown with us.  Instead, there are moments when I feel like it is actually closing in around us.

In the same breath I will tell you that I love everything about it.  I love our location.  I love how cozy it is.  I love how we are never too far away from one another.  When my husband watches a game, I am right beside him.  When our little Pickle is “cooking pancakes” she is walking just a few feet to share them with us.  Living SmallBut if I need my space or my sanity or my soul, I simply go upstairs and shut the door.  Which is why I could live here another three years if I needed to.

And if I use my space wisely.

In this sweet little homemaker series I hope to share some tips I’ve learned for maximizing space in a small home without selling your soul or sacrificing your style.  I’ve got lots of pictures (staged, of course, minus the dirty dishes and scattered toys), some clever things I have done (that have actually worked), and some dreams for the day that I have more money, more space, or just more time to do them.

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