Living Large (while living small): DIY Wall Organizer for Mail and Coupons

Living Large“Mail, Coupons, and Flyers… Oh My!”

Do a Pinterest search for DIY Mail Organizer and you will not be disappointed.  Because apparently I am not the only one who has pieces of mail scattered all over the house in the course of a week day.

In our small space, I found mail to be one of the biggest sources of clutter.  It would end up all over the table.  On the floor by the couch.  On the kitchen counter.  Inevitably, mail that was left lying around became a coloring page for the Pickle (good girl who knows only to color on paper… ANY paper…) so I would find it in even more random places.  Not to mention the magazines that we never read, the flyers that I kept meaning to throw away, the junk mail.

We have a place for mail and paper once it is properly dealt with… it just… never gets there.

So over Christmas break I finally cracked down, got on Pinterest, combined my favorite ideas, and created my own DIY Mail Organizer.  With our small space in mind, I needed something that used the space we had available.  Countertops and tabletops were NOT available spaces.  So I searched specifically for a hanging wall organizer.  In a small space, never underestimate the saving power of the wall!

I used items I already had available, so in the end, both of these projects cost me little to nothing.  And I am pleased that they are both functional, and pretty (and the fabric matches my homemade pillow covers, too)

Wall OrganizerDIY Wall Organizer for Mail

You will Need:

  1. 2 Empty Cereal Boxes (the same size)
  2. Fabric (1 yard)
  3. Duct tape or masking tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Mod Podge
  6. Stick-on Chalkboard labels
  7. Chalk/Chalk marker

First- Cut open one long side of a cereal box along the corner seam.  Tape both ends securely shut using duct tape or masking tape.  Starting at the top of the ‘back’ of the cereal box, cut a right triangle out of the short ends.  (hint: Cut one triangle, then use it as a template to cut the second triangle, so they are both equal.)  Fold the “front” of the cereal box down where the triangles end to make a crease.  Then cut along the crease.  This will be the front of your organizer.

Mail SorterSecond- Cut your fabric to fit your cereal box.  I cut enough to cover both the inside and the outside.  This can be done in several pieces, or as one large piece.  Be sure the edge of the fabric is cut wide enough to wrap around the back and hide the edge.  If you cut the fabric in pieces, there will be rough edges. (Don’t forget to cut matching pieces NOW for the second box)

Third- Paste your fabric to the box using Mod Podge.  This must be done in stages, starting from the bottom of your box and working your way up and along the sides.  Paste one side at a time to prevent the mod Podge from drying out as you work.  It dries out fast!  1. Apply mod podge evenly over the entire surface of one side.  2.  Fold fabric over.  3. Use your fingers to press the fabric smoothly onto the mod-podged surface, starting in the bottom center of each side and spreading your fingers outward.  This will prevent creasing and bubbling.  Do this carefully over the front and sides of the box and the inside back.  It’s not necessary to cover the inside bottom.  Just do what you can see!

Fourth- Stick on chalkboard labels (prime them first by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk completely over them then wiping it off).  I found my chalkboard marker worked best for writing.

Coupon OrganizerDIY Pocket Wall Organizer for Coupons

You will need:

  1. Flat canvas or stiff piece of cardboard. (mine is 11×17)
  2. 1/2 yard of Fabric
  3. Mod Podge
  4. Scissors
  5. Piece of ribbon
  6. Chalkboard Label
  7. Chalk or Chalk marker

First- Cut your fabric to the sizes you want, considering that they will need to wrap around the back for a clean edge.  I cut three pieces of fabric to make a back and two pockets.

Second- Paste the larges piece of fabric to the canvas or cardboard using Mod Podge.  You will need to work quickly, as Mod Podge dries fast.  Apply Mod Podge liberally all over the front of the canvas.  Lay fabric gently on top, not pressing down yet.  Starting at the bottom center, use both hands to press the fabric onto the canvas, spreading your hands upward and outward as you work your way up the canvas.  This should prevent creasing or bubbling.  If you do have a crease or bubble, you can peel the fabric off to that point and re-spread.  Apply more Mod Podge if needed.  Flip canvas over and glue edges tightly to the back.  You will need to snip some corners to make sure they lie flat.

Coupon HolderThird- While the back is drying, fold the top edges of your pockets over approximately 3/4 of an inch.  Paste with Mod Podge and press smooth- starting at the center and pressing outward, making sure it stays straight.  Do this for both pocket pieces.

Fourth- Paste pockets to canvas, the larger one first.  Stretch pockets across the front, making sure the edge is even and straight.  Fold edges around the back and paste. (hint: use a clothespin or chip clip to hold edges in place while you work on the other one)  Repeat for the smallest, second pocket.

Fifth- Tie ribbon securely around the top of the canvas.  Be sure it is really tight on the front, and able to hang on a small nail in the back.  (hint: paste the ends of the ribbon down in the back to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere)  Stick your primed chalkboard label on the top, and label away!

Now hang your matching Organizers on a wall (or door), clean up that clutter, and start living large!


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