SnowIt falls.

In huge, heavy clumps, it falls from the sky.  Like feathers, tossed about on the wind.  Floating slowly, slowly down to just kiss the earth below.

And I’m mesmerized.

I breathe deep the cold air and follow one cotton ball down with my eyes- from the treetops through the branches past the brush until…

I want to gather it like manna and fill my soul with its peace.

There is peace about the snow.  As it falls and floats and flutters.  In no hurry.

And I wish my life were more like a snowflake.  Falling gently- peacefully- through time.  Caught up in an occasional twirl of wind that makes me dance through the air.  I can almost hear the delight.  But mostly floating.  Gradually.  Ever lower to where I rest.  A deep, Spring-wrapped, summer-warmed rest.

Snow falls.  But a brief moment in my quiet afternoon- before the Pickle wants a snack and the husband wants a game and the kitchen desperately wants a scrub.  I grab those five minutes.  Close my eyes.  Breathe deep.  And write my heart as the snow falls down.

Because I want my life to fall like the snow.  Not hurried.  Not rushed.  Not distracted or distressed. But in peace.  Holding on to every precious moment.  Watching the earth spin in slow motion.  Ignoring the hands of time.  Wrapping myself around each second.

Every smile.  Every touch.  Every ‘hello.’  Every ‘goodbye’.  Seeing beauty in the barren.  Seeing from above, like the snow, falling down gently to rest.

My soul craves peace like the flower craves the rain.  Desperate for it.  Fighting every day for moments of peace.  For deeply inflated chests and cleansing breath passing the lips.  For the closing of weary eyes- not in sleep.  But in the moment.  To take it all in.  To allow your heart to let go of everything and suspend in midair.  If but for a moment.

Like snow.

So you can remember to fall gently.  To step lightly.  To move slowly.  To look deeply.  And to love with everything you are.

For one day you will come to rest.  But on this day, you must choose to rest.


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