Our Love Story- Revisited

The Day We MetA few months ago, I shared the wonderful, crazy story of how my husband and I met, courted and were married over the span of about 8 months.  I guess reading love stories never gets old, because  I got a great response from friends, family, and strangers alike!

It just so happens, that that fateful day occurred in February of 2008- the week of Valentine’s Day.  Love was indeed in the air, even if we didn’t catch the fever right away.  And it started the series of events that led to our brief courtship, our engagement, and ultimately the creation of our family!

When I posted the series on our blog in November, I was surprised to be approached by an editor for Guidepost’s Mysterious Ways magazine.  She thought our story was unique enough (and displayed God’s wonderful, mysterious, match-making ways) to be featured on their website and Facebook page (FB will go up February 5th)!  I am excited to share that after several phone calls, emails, and laughs, our love story goes up online today!  You can read it here!

Mysterious Ways

For the rest of the story, you can read my original post series.

Click here to learn more about Guideposts and their Mysterious Ways magazine.


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