When God Moves

God MovesThere have been times in life where my path has been nothing short of Divinely inspired.  Moments where there is no other explanation than that God has moved.  Period.  I am convinced of this truth, that when you seek the Lord with all your heart, He will answer.  He will speak.  And He will move.

I don’t always seek as well as I should, but when I do?


I am thankful that the Lord has spoken to me in various ways throughout the years.  From the words of respected mentors, to heavy impressions on my heart, even to nearly audible voices.  There was the time I felt Jesus literally sit next to me on a bench in a garden in Israel.  There was a vivid dream that led me to minister to a college professor.  The phone call received just seconds after I committed my post-college plans to follow the Lord wherever He led- even if it meant turning down my “dream job” to go overseas as a missionary.  Not to mention the incredible story of how I met & married my husband, which you can start reading here, and the unexplainable revelation of our daughter’s impending arrival, which I will share in March.

And then there is the past month.

danielWe don’t fast regularly.

Although our courtship was marked by intense fasting and praying (and the resulting clarity & direction we received from it), we haven’t been intentional about it since.  Until this last month.

We joined in a church-wide fast to seek the Lord for our families, our church, and our community.  While we were limited by trifles like a toddler’s nutritional needs, I determined that I, personally, would be intentional about praying, fasting, and seeking for those three weeks.  Both for myself, and my family.  I did the Daniel Fast on my own, while committing my family (with their agreement, of course) to eating Daniel Fast meals and praying at dinnertime when we were all together. (Read more about The Daniel Fast here)


FPCNow, before I go on

let me simply say that there is nothing super spiritual about fasting.  I am no better of a person or more spiritual of a Christian because I chose to fast for three weeks one January.  It is not a magic potion or a guaranteed life-changer.  It is a Spiritual Discipline, undertaken for the sole purpose of seeking God.  There is no specific formula- it can be done a myriad of ways- and in the end, the most important thing is that you have committed the fast to God and are intentionally seeking Him (praying, listening, following) for a set time.


So that’s what we have done.  Humbly and with full expectation that He would move in some way- be it large or be it small.  The point was not His response.  The point was our faithfulness.

Which is why I’m writing this post.

His WorkBecause we want HIS work to be recognized. 

I believe there are some things that happen by chance (though not many).  Sometimes there are coincidences, while other times I am certain that there is no other explanation besides God at work.  He has just been too faithful to me for me to deny that every good and perfect gift is from Him.

So believe me when I say, these three weeks of fasting have proven nothing short of miraculous.

We started fasting and seeking on Monday, January 13th.

  • My husband had a job interview that following Thursday… he started his new job yesterday.
  • We had a new house to rent by that next Saturday.
  • On February 1st, a story that I had written was bought and published by a legit magazine.
  • Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of answered prayers throughout our church family.

Call it what you want, I call it answered prayer.  Above and beyond what I ever expected when we undertook this discipline.  And I am humbled by the way God speaks to even me.  He moves… even for us.

4 thoughts on “When God Moves

    • LOL! No way. I did Daniel Fast which strongly limited my diet for three weeks. There’s a link up there if you’d like more info. I’ve tried food-less fasts before. Tried it once for a week… and it was the least-spiritual fast of my life. Because I was So. Darn. Hungry! 🙂

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