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Blog Love 2As our world is flocking to the cities and the suburbs, it’s no surprise that some of our fondest memories of yesterday were spent in wide open spaces.  (Well… as a Kansas girl that is ALL of my yesterday)  But today, my sweet friend, Lauren (, is sharing some of her most beloved memories and lessons of a beautiful childhood on her Grandparents’ farm.

The Good Ol' DaysHi everyone!  I’m so happy to be able to share on Jenny’s blog today.  Jenny is so sweet and funny, and she is an awesome mama, too!  Her blog is inspiring and such a treat to read.  When Jenny got me thinking on “yesterday” I was trying to decide what I would write about.  Then it hit me – one of my favorite things from my childhood, one of the things that I wish we had more of now, and one of the things that I think is so much “yesterday” is what life was like on my grandparents’ farm.

My mom grew up on a farm, and when we were little we would go visit my grandparents there.  My memories from the time we spent at Mamaw and Papaw’s house are precious to me.  I treasure them and will definitely be the parent who tells my kid all about what life was like back then on the farm.

A trip to Mamaw and Papaw’s was full of fun and love and of course, because we live in the South, really good food.  We would spend hours riding our bikes around and around on their asphalt driveway.  We would climb the tree by the driveway and look out at the cows.  We would play hide and seek around the giant magnolia tree.  We would race through the fields and hide in the high grass that was waiting to be mowed for hay.  We would peek inside the barn doors when Papaw went in to get something, knowing we weren’t allowed in there but that there had to be amazing things inside.

The Good DaysIn the morning we would wake up early and climb in the back of Papaw’s pick-up truck.  He had a Ford F-150 with black railing tall in the back.  Most of the time we would ride in the back as he took us up the land to go feed the cows.  We would watch the cows and we would ride along – something so different from our every day lives.  Then we would help him throw buckets of feed out to the cows.  We’d ride along for whatever else he needed to do that morning, and then head back to the house.  Sometimes one or 2 of us would squeeze in the front seat with him.  I remember that smell so vividly.  The smell of a farmer, cows, and tobacco.

When we got back to the house Mamaw would have breakfast waiting for us.  Biscuits and gravy, country ham, bacon, eggs, butter and jam, tomatoes, fruit, and orange juice.  I lived for this, y’all.  Mamaw and I were a lot alike, and we really spoke the same language when it came to food.  We would run and play all day.  We didn’t sit around and watch TV.  We didn’t have computers or cell phones.  We just were kids being kids.  And the adults did things like sit on chairs on the front porch watching us.  Technology free.  I love technology – I mean I love blogging and social media.  Technology is amazing and has done amazing things.  But I also feel like I allow it to steal from my life sometimes.  Those days when I just sit on my computer.  Or am attached to my phone like it’s another limb.  Or when I don’t take my kid outside to play and instead let him play on the iPad or watch TV.

As I’ve been thinking about my time spent on technology lately, it’s made me miss those old days at Mamaw and Papaw’s.  And while I know I won’t have those days now in the year 2014, or because my family lives in a neighborhood with great neighbors but little land, I can still strive to strike a balance.  A place where we do play and live life and step away from the screens.  A place where I put my phone down and leave it down to invest in my family.  But also a place where I still spend time doing the things I love – blogging and social media – but just not all the time.

I’m thankful that Jenny asked me to think about yesterday.  It was fun to remember sweet days from my childhood, as well as be reminded that I need to step back to those yesterdays sometimes and put the technology away for a short while.

Thank you for reading my post today.  You can find me at my blog, Adventures of Jack and Me where I share about life, kids, grief, loss, nutrition, food, and just about all else, too.  Jenny, thanks for having me here!  You’re fantastic!



Lauren is a Tennessee girl with a passion for nutrition and writing!  She has a sweet little boy, Jack, and a precious angel baby, Gabriel.  Her life was forever changed when Gabriel passed away a couple hours after he was born, and while it was the greatest challenge she has ever faced, she finds hope in the way that his story has touched many lives.  If I do say so myself, Lauren is a beautiful person inside and out.  (And she always looks SUPER great when she goes out… showered and everything.  I wanna be just like her when I grow up!)  Read more of Lauren’s story and heart at Adventures of Jack and Me!


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